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Real Local SEO in NYC

NYC SEO Pro is a one-of-a-kind company staffed by local, native English-speaking writers. We know how to get more traffic to your website without off-shore penalties.

Online competition in New York City is intense, and it means the local search engine optimization NYC requires for success is very advanced. At NYC SEO Pro, we help local business by guiding their websites to the top of local organic search results and maps. Because we specialize in online marketing for all five boroughs which means Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island, we understand that you need geographically-relevant traffic on your site. We make sure you have the right mix of unique and compelling content, high-quality local citations, and complete and correct data in the all-important schema mark-up. Schema lets Google Maps and other search engines know what services and products your business offers, your exact location and other vital details you might want customers to see.


Authentic & Informational Local Business Profiles

Since much time is spent trying to win the attention of search engines, it’s important not to lose sight of their proactive requests for information about your business. Because GoogleMyBusiness and similar pages on Bing are posted and maintained by the search companies themselves, the information contributed to them is taken seriously and can affect the result pages for New York City. Like anything else, there are best practices and more effective ways to build out the profile of your business so that it clearly explains your services and goods, and also appropriately includes your keywords in a well-distributed manner. Helping you get down to the gist of what to include in your profile, and what to delete, often can increase the effectiveness immediately.

Our local optimization experts have significant experience and can make highly effective recommendations and edits from day one. You’ll see the essence of your products and services come to life in a well-developed online business profile that also will be of interest to potential clients. We work from a storytelling and editorial perspective to make sure your quality and uniqueness come across, and while we are marketers helping you get clients, we help you remain useful and helpful without too much hard sell. Google, Bing, and others appreciate strong local business content to present to their searchers and if you become among those providing answers and you’ll see your stature and positions improve. Our process is about getting to know you and your company so that we can help you get across your story to all who may find you online.

Local Maps Marketing, NAP, and Structured Data

Effective local search engine optimization in New York City also includes listing the correct address information on your website and all other places online. This fundamental information easily can become inconsistent and it takes a strategic and professional approach to bring everything into line. This will be key to improving your rankings in result pages and clarifying your spot for Google Maps as well as similar services offered by Apple. Structured data snippets, also referred to as schema mark-ups, and essential to help search engines understand what content to feature about your business. Not only is the coding important but also the material so that what potential customers read online is accurate and informational.

Smaller more technical details might not initially sound as necessary, but your visibility and the effectiveness of your digital marketing program can be significantly improved when these are strategic, and all are working together. When you upgrade your customer’s experience with optimized content, search engines are programmed to take favorable notice. A well-coordinated effort led by local content professionals becomes a huge asset to your website and URL and best of, all the value and power of these well-developed elements builds over time. So the sooner you get started on having one of the NYC’s best local search engine optimization programs working for you, the quicker you will meeting new clients and improving your business overall.

We Build Local Citations for New York City Businesses

Using techniques that are proven effective, we will optimize each New York City local citation so that you reap the maximum benefit. The online customer resources that feature your company information range from Google Business and Bing to Yelp, Yellow Pages and Angie’s List — they all add value when kept up-to-date with complete and consistent information. Many also include expanded elements such as customer reviews as well as opportunities to contribute images and additional content about your products and services. We use professional methods and the most effective practices to build out your company profiles and will make sure to include address and location details in the optimal standardized formats for maximum clarity.

Another significant part of our local directory listing optimization program includes searching for duplicate and incorrect listings which may be diminishing the effectiveness of correct citations for your business in NYC. Many times the process of having duplicates removed or merged into other listings is a multi-step and time-consuming process, but our team knows how to prevail and will make sure your information is included correctly in a single primary listing of clarity and importance. When combined with other elements of our local optimizing efforts, you’ll see results quickly and more importantly an increase in your new client inquiries. We also naturally work your keywords into descriptive sections, image captions and other strategic spots to leverage greater value from each citation.

Our local website optimization program is meticulous and thorough because search engines evaluate a vast amount of data about New York City businesses both on your site and from third-party sources. The minute you come on board with us, we’ll work to make your online information complete and consistent. It also includes the posts and content on your business pages as offered by Google and Bing.

As we update address, telephone, URL and other data in your listings and citations, your appearance on search result pages and maps will rise quickly and continuously. Because we’re New Yorkers with significant online marketing experience, we hit the ground running and will apply best practices and proven effective techniques that will help you receive more customer inquiries quickly.




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