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In the first place, why would we create comprehensive product reviews for any of our tools or services if it’s worthless? Do keen users, after all, pay something without first reading web reviews? Yes, sure. That’s why we create a series of review-based blog posts analyzing or recommending a subject or product.

Our approach and structure for these reviews are unique. Plus, it tries to ensure that you, as our reader, can learn about the reviewed item. We ensure our reviews’ tag shares the most relevant data, accordingly.

  • We may discuss how the product grew on us and share our first (and subsequent!) Impressions.
  • Alternatives should be provided. We do so for most tools and other product reviews.
  • They share our thoughts on the product.
  • We may also talk about some potential annoyances.
  • Reviews make a list of the product’s real advantages and disadvantages.
  • Is it simple to use? Review-type posts discuss the ease of use too.
  • If a product is aimed at them, we say so [who the target users/buyers are].
  • The posts determine whether the product is of high quality or if it is worth purchasing.


Online reviews include both positive and negative aspects of a product, service, or even a brand. As a result, we help customers understand the key selling points. By the end of each of these articles, you’ll also know the market’s weaknesses and strengths.

In any of our posts, we clearly state who the product is intended for. Another reason people read product reviews is a lot more straightforward. Users want to know that the product they’re buying is the best of its kind. Consider marketing tools: people want them to be simple, user-friendly, and generally simple to use.

Furthermore, over time, we’ve noted that people are interested in alternative solutions. To be honest, all they want to know is that the product they’re considering purchasing is the undisputed king of its category. Also, the experiences of other users aren’t insignificant. Before making a purchase, potential buyers should check out our reviews to get as many different perspectives as possible.

WordPress Hosting with A2 Turbo Hosting

Turbo WordPress Hosting

A2’s Turbo hosting is extremely fast. It does not only offer quick services, but also it is among the simplest hosting services for WordPress. Plus, it’s the most trustworthy. 

The perfect option for turbo hosting. 

Any solution from our web hosting is sophisticated, fast, and ready to use! Pick a high-speed kit that is customized to your specifications. 

Up To 20X FASTER Turbo Hosting 

Maybe you don’t know, but your host directly influences the output of your website. This is so because the loading pace of your web host is a big factor. Faster SEO pages, higher conversion rates, and lower bounce rates. Get the quickest lodging. Get up to 20X Quicker Turbo Hosted on A2 Hosting alone! 

Turbo Hosting Loaded with Features! 

We make your life better in just a few respects… 


A load delay of only one-second page affects your bounce rate, SEO classifications, your conversion rate, and finally, your final score! You won’t have to think about all of that when you chose to host A2 and our quick shouting SwiftServer site! Your pages are hosted on our speed-optimized servers with your choices of domain location and free SSDs, and our up to 20X faster Turbo Servers to boost website performance! AMD EPYC Servers with NVMEe drives are available in our Turbo Servers: 

  • CPU efficiency 40 percent quicker 
  • 2X First Byte Faster 
  • 9X More traffic can be managed 
  • 3 X Speeds for fast reading/writing 


Are you set to switch your website to A2 Hosting, but would you nervously transfer your website to our servers? Don’t be! Don’t be! Do not be! We can freely move your website in most situations. Only email our helpful support team 24/7/365 Guru Crew and inquire for your website to be moved! This is an uneasy exodus! This means that there are no more obstacles for you to use all our speed optimization tools on our platform! Do you not love your web host about time? 


We’ve been concentrated since our 2003 launch on installing the best versions of the most common development tools on your account. Old versions are still available in our repositories! Any of the software for production of your account includes: 


On average, 30,000 pages worldwide are hacked every day. Our continuous protection procedures allow you to stop being the next target! This is why your account offers free protection against HackScan to block hackers before they damage your website. Rebootless upgrades to the kernel, brute force protection, a dual firewall, and other security tools are in place to help keep the site safe by choosing A2 Hosting. Our reinforced DDoS protection increases even the odds that your site remains online during even the most advanced distributed denial of service attacks. 

Turbo Hosting – Experience The A2 Difference Today! 

Here are only a couple of the advantages of Turbo Hosting that make A2 Hosting the most popular! 

Turbo Servers Up to 20X Quicker 

This indicates higher SEO rankings, lower rates of bounce, and higher rates! 

Support with Guru Crew 

We are ready to help our friendly and professional team 24/7/365! 

Free Migration Account 

In most cases, our team will switch your website free to A2 Hosting! 

Guarantee Money-Back 

Take a risk-free attempt with our high-speed hosting facility! 

99.9% Uptime Commitment 

A2 Hosting is the host with which you can trust

Turbo Hosting – Industry Best Solutions 

Our purpose is not to earn rewards. Our purpose is to provide the best solutions for Web Hosting, both fast and highly reliable. Even we are very proud of the successes of our squad! Their diligent work has helped us achieve reputation and recognition as the leading hosting company in the industry since our launch in 2003. 

WordPress Websites and Marketing Automation with Groundhogg

Groundhogg WordPress Plugin Review

Groundhogg is a CRM and WordPress marketing plugin. Let’s unpack the sense.

WordPress Websites and Marketing Automation with Groundhogg

For also small and medium-sized companies, CRM has demonstrated direct revenue growth of over 50 percent. If you want to catch the rise, as a WordPress corporation, consider using Groundhogg. This CRM plugin makes the management more systematic and automates email marketing processes.

Groundhogg Review: Why Groundhogg for WordPress Marketing Automation?

WordPress Web Customization Features and tips by Groundhogg

Groundhog’s key advantage is that it effortlessly blends other plugins. This includes WP Easy Pay, Zapier, WP Shape, and Twilio. Its compatibility allows web admins to derive the maximum potential of these apps.

With the Groundhogg plugin for WordPress, you can use variations of activities and prompts to construct automatic consumer travel and whole funnels. Plus, you may use the tool to plan your contact with consumers. Furthermore, this WP resource lets you use timed delays or share these funnels with other websites.

Groundhogg offers your email marketing features such as quick, efficient email formation through block design and sending emails to your list. You can personalize each email with the user’s contact details, edit it in HTML, or use the graphic creator to make correspondence even more enticing.

You may also create mobile reactive, personalized opt-in forms, antifungal features, and subject styling. The plugin has robust monitoring and tracking capability, enabling users to track anything from the email to type experiences and geo-placement details. The plugin also assists in the administration and enforcement of consumer preferences.

However, the contact handling features are the critical criteria for assessing the usefulness of a CRM plugin. Both in this department, Groundhogg won’t let you down. It helps you split tag-based contacts, access all past contact history, find IP-based connections, and do more.

For add-ons, the Groundhogg plugin for WordPress is a rich resource. This highly-ranked tool includes plugins such as the following.

Groundhogg with WordPress; Features to Enhance Marketing Automation

If you aren’t sure what marketing automation is like, the word is a pretty decent descriptor.

Groundhogg allows you to simplify ads. Think of it as a group of if/then statements that simplify your life. With its graphic, drag-and-drop editor, Groundhogg lets you create these automation flows – known as funnels.

In comparison, Groundhogg makes it possible to provide unique details for WordPress using a Non-WordPress marketing automation platform.

Groundhogg WordPress Plugin Review

Using Groundhogg to Develop or Design WordPress Funnels

More than 2,000 companies use Groundhogg to plan, launch and refine their commercial funnel more quickly than they thought possible, and you should join them! Look at how below.


The plugin lets you learn about your clients and their preferences. Groundhogg also suggests where they work, what they read, and what they do by segmenting and gathering data.

After all, this knowledge would help you to create content and products that appeal to your consumers.

Collect any data to use interest-setting identifiers with the WordPress Groundhogg plugin. Learn more.


You usually need to purchase a CRM or marketing automation product. Sometimes you may even pay a monthly charge before you go to Groundhogg and then try to find out how to link the WordPress account. You would then attach all the plugins to create an automation funnel before you could start.

But now, set up Groundhogg, pick the functionality and integrations you want, and build up your funnel immediately.


You would have to export the Data file before Groundhogg, carry out search questions and fight to get the information required to make better marketing and sales decisions.

The tool creators now send you data in a range of reports that are easy to interpret and understand and help you assess where more commitment and optimization are required.


Of course, one size doesn’t suit everybody! You can also build and design customized mailings and pages on your site that lead your client on their customer trip. Now, you can know more about your clients.

By approaching the client, they become clients and recommend others more definitely.


You had to spend days, maybe weeks studying how one should build the positively transforming campaign funnel before Groundhogg.

Now you have to pick one of their funnel models better tailored to your company and change it for your funnel, ready to start in minutes!

WordPress Experts to Customize Your Marketing Funnel with Groundhogg

At Sleek Web Designs, we use various SaaS products. Despite your choice, our digital marketers are devoted to helping you accomplish your marketing campaign.

We want to make creating funnel marketing simpler with the integration of the whole funneling mechanism into WordPress.

Join their list of happy customers and companies as they guide you on dipping out costly and ineffective SaaS resources and start your Groundhogg funnel!

Final Thoughts

Follow Groundhogg Facebook page or email their support group for answers to your questions. Search their documents. They also keep a list of Approved Collaborators willing to offer managed assistance, personalization, and set-up support.

Would you mind reading their Privacy Policy for details about where and when they compile sensitive data? See their license and payment terms and conditions.

Profits with shareasale affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing with ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the biggest publicly active affiliate marketing networks. It competes with and keeps its own with other giants, such as CJ affiliates and Rakuten Linkshare

But are we doing it just because everyone else trusts this company? 

What features do members of the ShareASale affiliate network appreciate? And which ones do they complain about? 

Today, we will answer these questions and see if this affiliate marketing network is the correct one for you. 

What Is ShareASale? 

Brian Littleton established ShareASale in 2007. It is one of the industry’s first affiliate networks. 

In no time, ShareASale has shown immense progress. It has achieved recognition as the most extensive program

How to Make Money with ShareASale Affiliate Program - My  Personal Journey through Entrepreneurship
What Is ShareASale? 

It is a networking portal for affiliates. The platform gives its clients specialized affiliate marketing options. 

The organization is continuously developing its services. Thus, the network has enabled retailers as well as affiliates to be satisfied. 

ShareASale thus delivers exemplary customer support, useful software, and reliable user reporting. 

ShareASale is one of the most common, well-examined, and easy-to-use affiliate programs. Below is what you or other WordPress users need to know about ShareASale. 

Who’s Behind ShareASale? 

For more than 17 years, ShareASale has been in service, working hard to become one of the company’s biggest brands. 

They continually develop their software and strive to make both traders and affiliates happy. 

You have a reputation as an honest and equitable business themselves, and your acts back these claims. They offer excellent service to clients, useful software, and precise documentation.

ShareASale Affiliate Program Sign Up – Know THIS! … Know the most important fact before you get started!

In January 2017, Affiliate Window, an international affiliate network, acquired ShareASale. Both businesses are now working independently for the time being. However, soon, overseas affiliates could have some very lucrative prospects.

ShareASale Advertising: A Message for Affiliates

Merchants market their websites directly. Affiliates put connections to stores on their websites; if anyone makes a transaction by clicking on one of these links, they earn a small fee. 

This offers small enterprises and websites a chance to produce excellent content regularly. Doing so continuously web traffic and visitors. You will guide them to commercial websites and make money in the process if you find an affiliate scheme that suits their visitors’ needs. 

ShareASale Affiliate Program: Affiliates & Merchants Tips
Join to become a winning Affiliate Marketer

Trust is the secret in affiliate marketing. Furthermore, we all saw websites that are nothing more than funded ties and publicity. Some could be corporate blogs that merely sell merchants’ copies. To do business with associates, you need to choose the right partner. This ensures that the content you are posting grabs consumers’ attention. More so, the content to push them to click on merchant links. 

Join share a sale affiliate advertising
Learn more

ShareASale Affiliate Marketing 

ShareASale is a successful associate marketing program. It has over twenty years of sales and publicity experience. The business is trustworthy and recommended because membership is free of charge. Members have access to over 4,800 retailers spanning various markets and specialty sectors. Thus, it makes the best option for your easy-to-find website. 

ShareASale Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide. Tips to DOUBLE Your Payouts!

ShareASale reviews online are mostly positive. There is a learning curve that integrates the investment and background in the marketing of affiliates. However, ShareASale is seen as a credible source of revenue online for affiliates. 

The Best Features

Here are some of the top features that we at Sleek Web Designs recommend our customers to consider.



If you have a company that has been in the company for so long and still has success, there needs to be an explanation behind it. As a reputable business, ShareASale has a reputation online and offline, and both traders and affiliates praise it. 

Furthermore, ShareASale is now linked directly to another big business in this sector. ShareASale seems to be losing ground after the takeover of Awin. 

Variety of Reporting Features 

To effectively manage your affiliate marketing firm, you need to see what happens to your affiliate links. You can do it with ShareASale. 

ShareASale offers an easy-to-understand summary of how the partner connections perform for you and general monitoring functions. Moreover, you can generate custom reports which display the metrics you want to see precisely. 

The monitoring of ShareASale is in real-time, meaning you can see clicks and transactions as they happen. You may also use their clickstream function to view each user’s connection steps and buy the affiliate connection.


See how you can grow from a beginner to a Pro!

To sign up for ShareASale in a matter of minutes is a quick five-stage operation. ShareASale assured that registering for new publishers is not difficult. 

Reliable Monthly Payments 

One of the benefits of dealing with such a big corporation is that you get the payments when you need them.

ShareASale transfers your business profits directly to your bank account on the 20th of each month. In certain nations, you can give the money to banks, so it’s a profit too. You can obtain a check if you choose to be charged by Payoneer. 

Easy to Use for Affiliates with Multiple Websites 

If you have many websites and want to make a difference with ShareASale, you are a marketing partner, and you’re lucky! This network makes the application to various services very simple for owners of several websites. 

You will have the option to insert and list all the websites that you already possess. You would not have to file with the merchant service you are applying for several times. When you use it, you will be involved in all of your websites! 

Customized Deep Linking 

Nobody likes crazy long ties, and often those additional numbers and letters that correspond to your membership ID make visitors select carefully. 

ShareASale removes this concern by empowering you to personalize your connections fully. You will produce shorter URLs that are much more user-friendly. ShareASale also provides you with useful media resources to share your affiliate link with others! 

Incredible Variety of Merchants 

ShareASale encompasses all aspects of your expertise from electronics, weddings, clothing, health, car, toys, efficiency, or about everything else. They have more than 40 different categories and more than 4,800 other traders! It’s an unbelievable amount, and every day it rises. 

They are Viator, WP Engine, Mod Fabric, Jillian Michaels, NBA Shop, and more in their respective sectors! ShareASale has a strong balance of big and small corporations as brokers, so you can select which services you want to enter. 

Responsive Customer Support 

For nearly all other broad affiliation marketing networks, customer service is a huge complaint. So for ShareASale, this is an even bigger advantage. 

This affiliate network is proud to provide all retailers and affiliates with outstanding customer service. You can contact them via telephone or e-mail if you have any doubts. The customer service team of ShareASale can respond to your questions. 

New affiliates are supplied with a welcome package to help them immerse themselves in their affiliates. Members also have the possibility of watching training webinars to develop their skills. 

You will find a full FAQ on your website, which will hopefully answer most of your questions. 

Efficient Search Functions 

How can you choose the right for your company with more than 4,800 commercial programs on ShareASale? 

The wonderful search possibilities of ShareASale are added. You can restrict the searches based on such keywords, vendor group EPC, sales commission, trader status, or even the length of their ShareASale participation. 

Besides, ShareASale has a feature named PowerRank, which lets you sort the best available traders. This helps you to search the top 100 ShareASale dealers currently. 

You will find the dream membership package quickly with these resources! 

How to search for merchants | ShareASale publisher series

Final Thoughts

ShareASale is a credible and reliable affiliate marketing program of significant profitability.

Making benefit from the ability begins with a strategy. To take advantage of ShareASale, update the WordPress platform, ensure a perfect domain name is chosen, quality content is generated. A continuous stream of traffic is captured. Sign up and prefer partner marketing connections that are compatible with guest desires.

Finally, place these links in any articles as naturally as possible. Although the often banner or direct product analysis will help you translate the push, the inclusion of ShareASale links into your pieces naturally helps you better. You will not linger long if the guests feel like it is only a deal.

Get more with ShareASale from your website. Find your niche, open your company account and link your guests to add value.


Free WHOIS Privacy Domain Protection

ICANN mandates the Registrar to transmit the contact information you give to ICANN to include in the Whois database when you register a domain.

This personal information is replaced with anonymized contact information by the free Whois privacy service. This safeguards against the mining and utilization of your private information for other reasons, such as identity theft or unwanted marketing.

As a prerequisite for using their privacy services, their privacy partner, Withheld, does not demand your information. Withheld is located in Iceland, which is famous for its high standards of privacy.

If you are seeking a free Whois privacy service domain registrar, you should now select Namecheap.

Learn how to Enable Domain Privacy Protection - Free WHOIS Privacy Domain Protection


Here are a few highlights of guard: Namecheap free:

Contact Info Shield

Contact information for WhoisGuard is displayed in the publicly available Whois database, where your name, mailing address, phone number, and fax number are stored. Personal details about you remain confidential. This suggests that you are protected from telemarketers, unsolicited phone calls, spam mail, and identity theft.

Spam Killer

In the Whois folder, WhoisGuard replaces the email address with a special handle. Each email sent to this address is filtered and then sent to an email address of your choosing, significantly minimizing the amount of spam in your inbox while ensuring that genuine contact is received.

Now Free Forever

You can get WhoisGuard privacy rights completely FREE for as long as you retain your domain with Namecheap when you register an eligible new domain name or transfer a current eligible domain to Namecheap.

Flexible Control

Any time you like, change your settings. WhoisGuard can be conveniently activated and disabled, monitor how much email address forwarding is refreshed, or change your personalized email preferences, all from inside a single control panel.

Prevent domain hijacking

Prevent Domain Hijacking

You are making your domain (and your website) vulnerable to hackers without privacy protection. You’re offering hints that unscrupulous people may use to obtain your account or move your domain to another registrar with your contact details revealed.

Avoid fraud

A laid-back privacy approach can result in a fraudster using your information to respond to security questions and obtain access to your private accounts. You make it so much more difficult for someone to break into your accounts by blocking your data.

How to Use

WhoisGuard’s operation is pretty straightforward. What it does is place their identifying data on the product of the Whois, hiding any evidence of your knowledge.

Here’s a case, the standard result without WhoisGuard:

Learn how to hide your information website from the public with free whois privacy-domain privacy – HOW TO HIDE YOUR WEBSITE INFORMATION FROM PUBLIC

Here’s Privacy with WhoisGuard:

This should provide you with a basic understanding of just what WhoisGuard does.

On the public Whois website, WhoisGuard shows their results. Their addresses and descriptions of their connections. But if someone enters their account, it will be forwarded to your registered email after screening for spam and other potential attacks. This will cover the outside world with your private information!

If the registrar accepts a court order against you or a domain service from a vendor concerning trademark disputes, the only time your info, including phone number and address, is available.

Benefits of Domain Privacy by Namecheap

While you should not have to buy it just because you have a website, there are many important advantages to the service. Four reasons to make a minor investment in your privacy are these:

Domain privacy is changing at Namecheap - Namecheap Blog
Why Domain Privacy by Namecheap?

Protect Your Personal Information

Identity fraud is a serious online issue. Think of the amount of information needed for a domain to be licensed. The same details individuals go to great lengths to secure. There is enough knowledge for a professional scam artist to create severe difficulties for yourself or your business. The security of WHOIS conceals this data from getting into the wrong hands.

Prevent Unsolicited Marketing Outreach

Along with your domain, listing your contact details attracts unwelcome attention from sales agents, spammers, telemarketers, and con artists. Reporters knew these people to search for contact details in the WHOIS database, particularly trawling newly registered websites. It will not take long after registration before you start being targeted with emails and calls on web marketing, SEO, and more.

Minimize Spam

To protect your account and cut down on unsolicited communications from spammers by leveraging domain privacy. Your domain registrar will have an alias email inside the WHOIS folder instead of your own, minimizing the risk of phishing emails. Using domain privacy defense, certain phishing emails (trying to access your personal information, usernames, passwords, etc.) would not enter your true email.

Prevent Domain Hijacking

Domain hijacking is when your domain can be transferred from you by another. Considering so certain domain registrars lock domain transfers after purchase, you do not think this is a problem, but the risk remains. Don’t you want to be as safe as possible if we’re talking about your business? Hiding your personal contact information makes it harder for anyone to access your domain account by using your files.

[Problem Solved] SSL Certificate Not Working on a Website 2019 – How to solve SSL certificate not working on a website and blog.

Are there any cons to domain privacy?

The only possible downside to domain privacy lies in possession. The domain name registrant is legally the website’s owner (in ICANN’s eyes), not you. This will never be a challenge in most situations, so it’s impossible that your registrar will snatch your domain.

Final Thoughts

Just as Namecheap does, it’s a matter of time before the other domain registrars provide this feature for free. Since many consumers are unaware of the GDPR’s effect on their domain privacy record, they may continue to pay for guard and be at a loss.

In the meantime, you know where you can get the free guard, so make the most of it.

Select the current Namecheap voucher coupons from here to save money as you switch a domain to Namecheap or purchase a new domain name.

For more helpful information for writers and web admins, subscribe to ShoutMeLoud. Don’t hesitate to share this important information with your other mates who own a domain name.