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In the first place, why would we create comprehensive product reviews for any of our tools or services if it’s worthless? Do keen users, after all, pay something without first reading web reviews? Yes, sure. That’s why we create a series of review-based blog posts analyzing or recommending a subject or product.

Our approach and structure for these reviews are unique. Plus, it tries to ensure that you, as our reader, can learn about the reviewed item. We ensure our reviews’ tag shares the most relevant data, accordingly.

  • We may discuss how the product grew on us and share our first (and subsequent!) Impressions.
  • Alternatives should be provided. We do so for most tools and other product reviews.
  • They share our thoughts on the product.
  • We may also talk about some potential annoyances.
  • Reviews make a list of the product’s real advantages and disadvantages.
  • Is it simple to use? Review-type posts discuss the ease of use too.
  • If a product is aimed at them, we say so [who the target users/buyers are].
  • The posts determine whether the product is of high quality or if it is worth purchasing.


Online reviews include both positive and negative aspects of a product, service, or even a brand. As a result, we help customers understand the key selling points. By the end of each of these articles, you’ll also know the market’s weaknesses and strengths.

In any of our posts, we clearly state who the product is intended for. Another reason people read product reviews is a lot more straightforward. Users want to know that the product they’re buying is the best of its kind. Consider marketing tools: people want them to be simple, user-friendly, and generally simple to use.

Furthermore, over time, we’ve noted that people are interested in alternative solutions. To be honest, all they want to know is that the product they’re considering purchasing is the undisputed king of its category. Also, the experiences of other users aren’t insignificant. Before making a purchase, potential buyers should check out our reviews to get as many different perspectives as possible.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Design - The Best Sites and Models

Social Media Marketing Strategy Design: The Best Sites and Models

The promotion of goods or services via social media websites and platforms is known as social media marketing (SMM). SMM usually entails creating customized and relevant content, as well as driving interaction and sharing.

Social media marketing may be a fruitful way for entrepreneurs and other companies to engage with prospective clients and create their brands. When done correctly, it has the potential to propel a company to new heights. Any business owners have also run their whole company via social media.

On the other hand, SMM can be distracting or even backfire by turning away clients and opportunities if you’re not careful.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies and Startups.

Establishing a strong social media identity is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the top five social media marketing tactics for entrepreneurs and small companies that will help them establish a strong social media presence.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies and Startups.
Best Social Media Marketing Strategies.

How to Design your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Interact well

The most critical thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media is this: it’s not about you. It’s all about your audience. This environment allows you to communicate with guests by interacting with the information you post. Likes, likes, and feedback come naturally from a solid SMM approach that places the customers first.

Thank the fans for mentioning their brand-related posts and tweets. They’ll be thankful to you and will continue to support your company. Gratitude and responsiveness help boost the brand’s image and build your branding by demonstrating that you value future customers.


To begin, business owners must consider the various media networks to decide which environments are most appropriate. You’ll help accomplish your social media goals by categorizing the sites and targeting the appropriate settings. Only if you carefully analyze how to develop a social media strategy and then add those lessons to a plan can social media serve as an engine for your company. What is the best way for small companies to get started in social media marketing? Put, by learning and only doing what they’ve learned.


On social media, you want to build up your reputation and legitimacy over time. LinkedIn, a crucial area to consider when developing a social media plan, is a forum for every company owner to gain authority. On LinkedIn, increasing your audience and participation will help you increase sales and conversions. The more you develop your brand, the more prospects for development will show themselves. However, don’t bring too much capital into this.


The needs and patterns of social networking sites like Facebook are critical to a startup’s social media strategy. Bear in mind that Facebook now prefers content from friends over content from corporations and other sites, so you’ll need to conquer that hurdle with ad campaigns.


However, you can’t focus exclusively on commercials. Asking important questions and listening to the responses is a perfect way to interact with clients or guests on Facebook and elsewhere. The questions may be about your goods or general knowledge. Get it fascinating.


Besides, there are several social media sites. If you’re just getting started with a social media promotion campaign, don’t feel obligated to be involved on any platform. Start with well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Investigate that your potential client spends the most time online to assess the platforms that provide you with the best outcomes.

Another important thing to note when starting with SMM is to concentrate your energies on a single forum.

Create your profile on other social media sites, but rely on the one that’s most important to you. Conduct a detailed social media analysis, create a policy, and execute it. Note that your social media marketing campaign would be more successful if you addressed both content and meaning with both of your profiles. If material is king, meaning is God, as it’s been aptly saying.

Not to mention that people are spending an increasing amount of time on their computers, mostly using social media applications.

Which Design & Tactics do Social Media Marketing Influencers Use?

Which Design & Tactics do Social Media Marketing Influencers Use?


It is the most widely used and fastest search engine. The YouTube social media marketing approach is also straightforward: upload your videos to YouTube and customize them for search to appear as users search for similar or your content. one will attract more followers by using appealing names, keywords, and tagging in your videos.


The Facebook marketing campaign for small companies is clear and straightforward. It’s a perfect forum for building target markets for paying ad placements because it has a large user base. Regularly post announcements on pricing, discounts, new models, and even future releases or activities, but just one specific piece of content every day.


Instagram has surpassed one billion logins, with many subscribers. One can add as many photographs, stories, and permanent posts as one wants. The personification of your brand is at the core of Instagram’s social media marketing campaign. The only thing to remember is to keep sharing visuals/posts/stories on Instagram. If you unexpectedly stop, you risk losing fans. Try sharing high-quality pictures of the goods to add appeal, which is a very important tactic here. The curiosity is maintained by certain short reports (there for 24 hours) for upcoming sessions or behind-the-scenes.


This website is the most trusted by social media users, with over 300 million monthly active users and a million tweets. To formalize your Twitter social media marketing plan, start by tweeting relevant details, including new launches, product deals, online competitions, sales, or any views on, say, industry. You can communicate with your fans by retweeting several times.

Book Sleek WebMasters to Design your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Sleek Web Designs’ team of marketers posts high-quality content consistently. To be popular on Instagram, you must be reliable. An Instagram marketing firm will ensure that your feed is updated regularly and that the content you share is appealing, relevant, and targeted to your target audience.


Though we don’t often push it that way, having an Instagram following has become a status symbol in recent years. Brands with a large fanbase and excellent content are ‘winners’ and attract more buyers. Sleek Web Designs, an Instagram marketing agency, will help you win in your business.

Instagram advertising isn’t complicated at all. It’s straightforward. It’s simply not convenient. As a result, you’d need the assistance of experts. Sleek Web Designs, an Instagram marketing organization, will assist you in achieving your objectives and increasing your brand on this photo-sharing site. To get started, take a look at our low-cost social media pricing packages.


All of our social media campaign offerings for small businesses include:

Custom Advertising Campaigns

one would tailor your social media promotional campaigns to the company’s objectives and the needs of your clients.

Performance Reports

We’ll assess the campaign’s success and produce a summary at the close of the campaign. After that, we’ll go over the report with you to see exactly what you got for your ad money.

Ongoing Optimization

We’re still keeping an eye on the marketing campaigns and searching for opportunities to develop them. As a consequence of this continuing optimization, you can invest less when producing more leads.

Final Thoughts

But don’t want to do that yourself. Time is a valuable asset for a small business owner. Work with a digital marketing agency to build simple social media marketing campaigns for cost-effective small companies. Get underway right away.

Your website is your first home, and social media is like a second home. Successful company social media tactics express your tone and attitude to your followers, helping you stand out. Your company will expand in a lot of ways through social media. You’ll be competitive if you have a well-thought-out plan and the right skills on your hand.

Get a domain name from Namecheap and build your profile online. Read on to learn more about Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection online

NameCheap Domain and Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection

Get a domain name from Namecheap and build your profile online. To get the dream option automatically, use their sophisticated domain name generator. Read on to learn more about Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection by Namecheap.

Have you ever registered a domain elsewhere? Domain transfers with Namecheap are free and straightforward. No trouble.

At Sleek Web Designs, they help you find the correct domain hosting. Find your domain’s dream home. They have covered you with shared, VPS, devoted, and controlled WordPress options, whether you want speed, ease, space, or super-power.

Namecheap Domain and Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection

Enter professional email. Send emails from to please your clients. Get free, accurate, private emails with business equipment and a calendar of $11.88 per year linked to your domain. 

You and your customers have protection. Take the burden of security by using inexpensive SSL, PremiumDNS, VPN, and more certs. Included with your account is more than just a set of features — like 2-factor authentication. 

Increase performance with their apps. Enhance your company with their feature selection. They have the software ready to wait for your business’ success, from their free logo-maker to Supersonic CDN. 

Benefits of Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection from Namecheap

Security and privacy. Security and privacy are, first and foremost, the rights of your website at Namecheap. They still respect the online user and human rights. It is their responsibility to preserve the Internet safe, accessible, and secure for all. 

Your organization online. Enhance your company with quality business goods and services at prices that don’t break your budget. They don’t sell it if it doesn’t make you a great Internet experience.

Customer support. You are covered by a support team recognized for being one of the most competent, polite, and informative businesses. Every day, 24/7, real people are happy to help you with any issues. 

Unleash all the resources. You are waiting for additional assistance and information. 

Support for the first platform. Learn how you construct when they speak to you from your early domain. They have the responses from their Resource Center. 

Find more from their blog. See the latest news from the industry, get inspiring business tips, discover their latest deals, and many more in their broad forum. 

Transfer to more. Get added assistance and discounts as the domain is passed to us. Moreover, bear your domain any time it leaves. 

Learn more

Domain vs. No Domain

You want people to come and see what you’ve done when you create a website. To have these links to your pages, you need a unique domain name. Registration of the domain name is necessary to ensure that nobody else in the world can take possession and ease searching for the website. Find a domain name of your type. 

Namecheap’s Domains

They aspire, above all, to provide their clients with exceptional experiences. They promise you can offer superior quality levels and assistance when buying a Namecheap domain name. Their main purpose is to build a client-oriented ecosystem for the happiest customers in the galaxy. Their brand of consistency is the name-cheap promise. 

Domain Registration Process

Kindly confirm the name you want to sign. Your business or website name is usually the response. Your domain name should be kept short and easy to comprehend. Say aloud, and make sure it sounds fantastic. Second, check and see if it’s open. Hundreds of other names are available if you use the .com top-level domain. In the end, add your cart to the top choices and complete the domain registration.

Best Namecheap Domains & Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection

In Namecheap, hundreds of most common TLDs can be used to register brand new domain names. You can find thousands of domain names already licensed but now for sale in their marketplace. When you domains, you can certainly also,.us, and several more choices. 

Picking the Best Domain Registrar

Although the price is a major consideration, other areas must be weighed when selecting the correct domain registrar. Customer service, security, and simple account management are included. Both of which come with Namecheap as standard—and of course at a great price.

Choosing the Ideal Name for your Domain

Thus, you found that it’s not a whole story to register Google’s “website domain.” You must also decide which extension to select from and which name to file. See their quick guide for the right domain range. 

Namecheap Domain and Free Whois Privacy Domain Protection

Buying and Reselling Domains

You can sell them through Namecheap if you have acquired domain names that you no longer use. You will list your domain on their market at a set price when you are ready to sell. Their searchable list will include your fields, which thousands of people visit every day. They promise the best possible service from the board, the auction, the renewals if you purchase domain names from Namecheap.

Buying Cheap Domain Names

It revolves around knowing where to look. Their most common offers have been put together on one page to make it easier to find the right domain name, hosting, and more for competitive rates. Take a peek. 

A2 WordPress Hosting Services and Recommended Web Tools

A2 WordPress Hosting Services | Recommended Web Tools

Worried about when to download and update any apps with WordPress pre-installed version. In no time, you can get your web up and running. Your case will be A2 Designed to provide you with the fastest loading speeds and the WordPress Hosting page’s safest setup. A2 Optimised WordPress results from their testing and experiments to define the highest site performances for WordPress environments. No conjecture is involved! In this way, instead of downloading and checking plugins, you might concentrate on writing content and promoting your website. 

Their A2 Customized WordPress hosting services can also simplify your site with many security features, such as automated WordPress notifications, to ensure that your site stays secure against hacking. 

A2 for WordPress Hosting?

With concern to hosting WordPress, it is evident that you launched your website in the first steps. You do not entirely know, though, what WordPress is or what kind of perks you may have. You may have learned from a friend about WordPress or read it on a blog. Don’t worry. Don’t complain. Don’t feel too bad. Here A2 is to assist! 

With a plugin framework and a template method, WordPress is a free CMS open source. WordPress is template-based, like many CMS rivals. The user selects a topic, changes it to his tastes, and the site is ready for download. WordPress can build any platform that you can picture with several plugins and add-ons. This versatile program produces worldwide ads, social media, blogs, and web pages of special interest.

Small companies that respect flexibility and enjoy simplicity provide websites with content management systems (CMSs). Ghost, Joomla, and Drupal are examples of these CMS implementations. Another CMS that turned out to be one of the most simple and flexible software is WordPress. 

Here are just a few features on this platform you can experience: 

  • The most critical components of WordPress are 100% free and inexpensive. 
  • Extend the installation with a huge range of plugins quickly. Easily. From a forum to the complete eCommerce solution, you can add several features to the platform. 
  • Eases an intuitive experience with the use of control panels 
  • Set up by 1 click means WordPress can be installed and started quickly.
  • The high availability of downloadable, appealing themes enables you to easily change your website appearance. 
  • WordPress is SEO ready to send you free search engine traffic. 

Affordable Hosting Service for WordPress

WordPress is free. There are no extra charges for hosting every month other than customized templates, premium plugins, etc. You can get low-cost WordPress hosting on your site. Just make sure that you get a decent and trustworthy provider. Share media files or major archive consumers should schedule their budgets accordingly for large photo galleries. The WordPress program can be downloaded free of charge from or A2 Hosting before installation (A2 also offers an easy 1-click setup via Softaculous if you prefer). 

The basic architecture of a new WordPress site will run in a couple of minutes using the above process. Manually downloaded installations can be more complex, but a web administrator can easily update the WordPress site. While A2 Hosting isn’t the cheapest service for WordPress, you won’t find anywhere a better deal. 

A2 WordPress Hosting
A2 WordPress Hosting

Profitable WordPress Hosting

WordPress comes laden with a range of benefits as the most used CMS in existence today. 

Users do not require much experience or technological know-how. WordPress provides a search engine-friendly and regular resource locator, resource overview web framework review feeds, article categories, sticky pages, and a compatible interface for content and tailoring, arranging, moderating, and securing password pages and postings. 

Due to the use of templates for WordPress, edits are fast and simple. There are thousands of alternatives and variants in the broad template library, and WordPress does not tolerate any shift, alteration, or tweaks in the end. Users can customize and change the themes for whatever they need with only simple coding skills.

The registry for the WordPress plugin offers extra tools to boost the accessibility of WordPress. Most Web pages of WordPress have at least a few plugins, and some of them have hundreds that can be switched on or off if you wish. 

Speed Matters

A2 Hosting has been at the forefront of hosting and production technologies since its introduction in 2003. A2 was one of the first hosts to deliver PHP 5 and SSD technologies. Ensuring their customers have the right apps for their websites is just one reason A2 provides the quickest WordPress hosting. A2 won’t give you the full recipe for A2, but here are a few main ingredients for A2 Hosting. 

  • AMD EPYC Server / NVMe Drives – The WordPress website will be housed on these next-generation servers when you pick one of their Turbo Servers. These lightning-fast servers just deliver a few of the advantages of their Turbo platform:
  • Option Of Data Center Location: The closer your website to your guests, the less time the data is needed for your visitors to drive. At A2Hosting, you can select your position for the data center, reduce latency and improve WordPress websites’ efficiency. 
  • OPcache/APC – Testing found that PHP reaction times were reduced half using this caching method! 
  • Memcached – will improve the database speed by saving the key memory data for fast recovery. 
  • Performance Plus Option: The Power Plus option requires the WordPress Hosting account. A2 apply extra tools to your account when subscribing to this program to keep your website pace even in traffic spikes. This is a perfect service for websites that receive heavy traffic in some times, days, months, and seasons.
  • A2 Web Accelerator: A2 hosting helps set up these speed optimization techniques with a few clicks when several hosts are unable or unable to provide caching solutions on a common hosting account. The A2 Site Accelerator is located in your cPanel control panel: 
  • Turbo Cache: Turbo Hosting accounts open. Turbo Cache. This tool saves the website’s entire HTML content in the cache and can be used without PHP being run. 
A2 for WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting and the Support You Ever Needed

Have you any issues with WordPress Hosting? Their specialist support team for their Guru Crew stands by! They’re friendly, well-informed, and you’ll love working with them! You may use live chat, text, or mobile 24 hours a day. You might tell you what it would look like, but the price you’re paying is inexpensive WordPress hosting. You can only get the best hosting for WordPress at A2 Hosting! 

Their servers are not only high performance but also trustworthy. And it’s precisely tailored and supported with their 99.9 percent ultra-reliable WordPress web-hosting commitment. Their service you’re going to enjoy! 

A2 believes that they can deliver the best hosting for WordPress you can find. With their money-back guarantee, A2 will let you try us risk-free! Start with the best WordPress Hosting industry now! 


Web Hosting for WordPress

When searching for a Website hosting service, many WordPress users go directly to the most common web hosts – while others do extensive analysis and end up with smaller yet more oriented providers. However, one host is barely available in both communities – so let’s make adjustments with our A2 Hosting WordPress review! 

Although not well-known, due to its rapid pace and great support, A2 Hosting is a bit of a name for itself. However, it’s typically better to take this kind of detail with salt when web hosts and their arguments until you have yourself checked the solution. 

With this in mind, we have tested A2 Hosting so rigorously that we can see how it plays with WordPress and what it truly helps and speeds. Let’s start with our WordPress A2 Hosting Analysis! 

A2 Hosting review for WordPress – specific features 

A2 Hosting Review: 5 Crucial Things To Consider in 2020
A2 Hosting review for WordPress – specific features

As a user of WordPress, any web host you deem should standardize. Due to the huge success of WordPress, hosts can provide unique user-oriented functionality – the A2 Hosting does not deceive: 

  • Optimized installation for WordPress: A2 Hosting provides optimized installation for WordPress to improve speed and stability. This encourages you to concentrate without regard for results on increasing your web. 
  • Quick loading sites: The biggest argument for this provider is its velocity. Faster websites lower bounce rates, so visitors are certainly a positive thing. Later, we will talk about performance in depth, so continue to learn. 

We’re ready for a good beginning until now! Let’s continue to see how A2 Hosting fares help its customers. 

Support options 

We heard positive news about the customer service of A2 Hosting, so we were excited to try it first hand. We looked at their documents before we ventured into diving. They have more than 40 WordPress products in their knowledge base, including Google Analytics and WordPress command-line administration. 

We have checked one of the support agents for A2 Hosting with the live chat feature (although they can also take emails and phone calls). We waited a mere 20 seconds after clicking on the Live Chat button until an agent was assigned to us. We then went to them with a couple of fundamental questions: 

The talk went well, and our agent presented us with a couple of good ideas for critical WordPress plugins. That’s precisely what we needed. 

Performance when hosting WordPress

Raw efficiency is one of the principal factors for selecting a web host. The key features provided by A2 Hosting for the enhancement of user performance are: 

  • Solid State Drives (SDDs): SSDs are available from all of your WordPress plans that reduce load speed around the board. 
  • Turbo mode: Some of their (more costly) plans include an exclusive Turbo feature, which claims to significantly shorten loading times. 

In addition, A2 Hosting provides data centers in three locations: 

  • Michigan. 
  • Amsterdam. 
  • Singapore. 

In this respect, though, any web host promises to deliver speeds and technologies of the bleeding speeds – so these should not be considered. Let’s measure ourselves to see how A2 Hosting works. 

Page speed tests with Pingdom 

We have used a naked WordPress platform without any changes after the installation for this test. Then we checked how easily our web we had loaded our website here separate Pingdom servers to get better results in many places: 

  • Melbourne: 2.24 seconds. 
  • New York: 480 milliseconds. 
  • Stockholm: 911 milliseconds. 

We began the Australian test approximately, but then we recovered. Overall, these are some positive findings – let’s see if our server is stressed! 

Page speed tests with Load Impact 

Load Impact helps us to measure the efficiency of any single site under moderate stress. We set it to simulate 25 concurrent users, one by one, for five minutes. The conclusions are as follows: 

  • Load generatorAshburn, US. 
  • Test serverChicago, US. 
  • Minimum response time230.83 milliseconds. 
  • Maximum response time289.49 milliseconds. 

After we saw the previous test results in New York, we had to confess – these reaction times were a shock! It is quite a feat to load a website in less than 0,3 seconds and much better for a loaded website. It is safe to say that when it comes to speeds, A2 Hosting delivers. 

Pricing for Web Hosting

A2 Hosting provides three common, WordPress-oriented hosting programs: 

  1. Lite: This scheme supports a single Web-Site of up to five databases (starting at $3.92 per month) but provides unrestricted capacity and bandwidth. It is great for users who don’t need multiple sites support. 
  2. Swift: offers unrestricted websites and libraries (starting at $4.90 a month). It also has unrestricted volume and transmitting limits. For power users with many websites, it is the best solution. 
  3. Turbo (starting at $9.31 a month): the Turbo package shares both its Swift equivalent bells and whistles, but also the Turbo Technologies provided by A2 Hosting. It is designed for consumers who have to shave off page loading speeds per millisecond. 

You can recall from the previous segment that A2 Hosting’s websites load very quickly – and without access to their Turbo settings. At this time, we will suggest that we conform to either the Lite or Swift plans – based on how many places you have to host. Of course, you will not try this functionality on your own. 

Overall pros and cons for hosting WordPress sites

This A2 hosting analysis for WordPress is almost done, so let’s take a minute to restore the good and evil we have so far found. 


  • Speeds ridicularly rapid. This is one of the quickest web host we saw, length of time. 
  • A full WordPress user knowledge base. 
  • A friendly and fast-acting support staff who knows everything about WordPress. 
  • Services of free migration. 


  • Their rates are marginally higher than other shared hosting plans at other tiers. Then again, if you pay for extended stretches in advance, you can obtain some decent offers. 
A2 Hosting review for WordPress – The Specific Features

Final thoughts on A2 Hosting for WordPress

How critical it is to choose the best web host is difficult to overestimate. After all, the wrong one could sink your web because of a lack of proper help and shoddy facilities. That said, not one of these red flags found here, our A2 Hosting Analysis for WordPress. The competitive rates and fast speeds make them a decent choice for users of WordPress! 

Irrespective of our study, comparing and contrasting hosts according to your criteria is still a smart idea. 


Get the Best WordPress Hosting

Strong technologies, award-winning support, and an ecosystem of collaborators and creators that power the website unify our platform.

The WordPress Digital Experience Platform.

WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Better User Experience
The WordPress Digital Experience Platform

Build experiences, not the platform to power them.

To drive more innovative agility, the WP Engine framework equips you with a suite of site-building and management resources, cloud storage, and security technologies to allow business performance and optimization tools to give you ongoing knowledge. Together with the WordPress REST API, our APIs, and various tools for tech partner integration, we set you up to build some interactive WordPress experience to move the company forward faster.

We believe in the power of open-source technology.

To deliver progress at a quicker rate than any based on closed, proprietary platforms, our platform leverages over 30 open source technologies.

Founded on the world’s leading CMS: WordPress.

WordPress is an open platform that helps you configure the CMS for your organization rather than customize the CMS for your company.

There are plenty of cheap hosts who have good service available. But what if you’re looking for more of a performance-oriented concierge program? You’ll want to carry out our WP Engine analysis for WordPress in that situation.

WP Engine is a web host unique to WordPress, which provides managed services entirely tailored for the website. Of note, WP Engine’s plans aren’t exactly inexpensive as opposed to many other WordPress hosts. Therefore, before making a purchase, you’ll want to know if this hosting service is worth the cost.

We’re going to do a comprehensive WP Engine analysis for WordPress to help you out. We’re going to talk about its main attributes, service choices, efficiency capabilities, and everything else you need to hear. Let’s start now!

WP Engine review for WordPress – specific features

WP Engine Review
WP Engine Review

Managed hosting is a choice worth exploring if you want to ensure that your website is configured, stable, and quick-loaded without doing a lot of work yourself. WP Engine is one of the big names when it comes to managed hosting for WordPress.

Its service includes quite a few features unique to WordPress, including:

  • Quick and clear transfers from your old host.
  • A free certificate for Stable Socket Layers (SSL), which is an essential measure of security.
  • Help to set up sites for staging.
  • Lots of tools for success monitoring and diagnosis.

Support options 

Plans for WP Engine provide plenty of support. You will be granted access, whether by phone, e-mail, or live chat, to dedicated support 24 hours a day. When you have signed up, service options are readily available from your web portal. 

We checked the live chat for the support personnel: We did a field drive: 

Agents replied easily, helpfully, and seemed to know the platform. Without hassle, you may answer our questions. There is also a resources center and a robust knowledge base with many well-written materials and tutorials for more assistance and learning. 


The features and support are essential, but what makes or breaks a web host is efficiency. Fortunately, WP Engine provides various efficiency upgrades, such as: 

  • A free option, included in all flights, for Content Distribution Network (CDN). 
  • A consistency solution that checks and enhances the web. 
  • A GeoTarget add-on to customize your website for those areas. 

Moreover, WP Engine has multiple server pages. We’re not going to mention them all (19), but data centers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia are included. 

All this can mean exceptional success in the real world. Let’s see if this is the case! 

Page speed tests with Pingdom 

We have developed a simple site for our next WP Engine Analysis and tested its load speeds with Pingdom tools from different places worldwide. For the next step, Our findings are here: 

  • NYC: 1.61 seconds 
  • Classic: 1.58 seconds. 
  • San Jose: 0.272 sec. 
  • Stokholm: 1.60 sec. 

These moments are surprisingly constant (except San Jose, which is the clear stand-out). It isn’t amazing for 1,6 seconds, but a good pace is below the all-important two-second mark. 

Page speed tests with Load Impact 

It is often intelligent to use several instruments to test results. We have used Load Impact to model many simultaneous users’ effects on our WP Engine. What we have here: 

  • Ashburn, USA Load Generator: 
  • Ann Arbor, USA Test Server: 
  • Response Time: 0.51 seconds minimum 
  • Response time: 0.59 seconds overall 

This graph indicates that the load times for the research site are consistent with the growing number of visitors (blue line) (green line). This is nice because it ensures that the page is only readily loaded for the first user when it is loaded for the fiftieth visitor at a time. 


WP Engine provides only one form of service – controlled WordPress hosting – but it also offers a range of level plans. These proposals vary significantly in the number of services they provide and the number of websites on which they are accountable. 

Let’s quickly go through any intended WP Engine: 

  • Startup ($30 a month): You get help for up to 25,000 visits a month, one page, 10GB of data, and 50GB of bandwidth on this entrance level rate. A SSL license, global CDN access and a variety of other main features can also be accessed. 
  • Development ($115 a month): this package raises to 100,000 your traffic help and gives you 10 pages. You can have 24-hour phone service and will import your own SSL certificates in addition to additional services. 
  • Scale ($290 a month): This amount is almost the same as the last one. It literally offers even more services, can count up to 30, and allows up to 400,000 visits per month. 
  • Premium and company: custom schedules, so rates differ. You will get a lot of services and support and switch the hosting to dedicated servers from a community setup. 

These plans are not inexpensive, but they provide plenty of features and space to expand your site 

Overall pros and cons of WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Let us sum up this hosting company’s key pros and cons for the last step of our WP Engine analysis for WordPress. 


  • Well-optimized for consumers of WordPress. 
  • Simplifies the website maintenance process. 
  • Provides robust performance, predictable. 
  • Provides a lot of expert and committed assistance. 


  • Won’t suit the budget at all. 
  • Only supervised hosting on popular servers is available (or dedicated servers on the custom plans). 

Alternatives to WP Engine hosting 

If you have a reasonable budget, WP Engine is a great hosting option. But it’s pretty pricey (especially on the higher tiers). 

If you want WP Engine in principle, but it’s not just your price range, you should try out some alternatives. SiteGround is a decent provider for WordPress specific, for example, and DreamHost provides inexpensive supervised hosting. See our full article on alternatives to WP Engine for more information. 


Plans from WP Engine don’t come cheap – no sugar-coating. However, in return for your contribution, you can have a premium controlled hosting facility. This provider provides many critical features, high efficiency, and consistent support of WordPress. It is worth asking whether WP Engine suits your budget. 

Backlinks vs Content: Which is Better?

According to WordPress, ‘over 409 million people view more than 20 billion web pages a month.’ Business websites want to reach their target audience, convert website visitors into customers, and increase brand awareness, amongst other reasons. But, how can they achieve their goals without a high search engine ranking? You need to improve your website SEO or hire an experienced SEO agency in New York to help you.

The question of whether to prioritize backlinks or content, therefore, is common among website owners.

Backlinks Vs Content_ Which Is Better_
Backlinks vs. Content: Which is Better?

Google algorithms consider factors such as backlinks and content before they rank a website. However, some people feel backlinks are more valuable than content to the algorithms. Another group of people believes once you have quality content, it is easy to attract quality backlinks.

The fact is; the two (backlinks and content) rely on each other. It is also true that for a good SERP, you need the two. So, how do you choose what to concentrate on first, especially if your website is new?

You must understand that you cannot have links without content.

Content is, therefore, more important than links. If you have excellent content, people will link to it naturally.  SEO experts such as SEO agency New York understand how to generate quality links naturally through unique content.

Examples of backlinks include:

  • Natural links- You must have quality content to attract links from people naturally.
  • Self-created links – These are links from blog directories, guest posts, forum signatures, etc.
  • Outreach links – These are links that you get when you ask people to link to your site. You must convince the person that you have valuable content.
Content and SEO Reviewed

Lessons from Authority Blogs

Let us look at high-authority blogs. Have you ever noticed the number and quality of backlinks on the site?

The content on the site is informative, targeted, original, quality, and shareable. Brands are not afraid to be associated with the site’s content, so they link back without hesitation.

‘Content is king,’ and the value of a website is anchored on the content therein.

So, what can we learn from authority sites about content? 

  • Post quality content regularly.
  • Publish content to various platforms
  • Update old content
  • Promote their content

That is how they increase their visibility and generate quality backlinks.

I hope you are convinced that content comes first, then backlinks second. However, it can be a huge task to keep up with the demand for quality and quantity content if you have no SEO experience. Why not hire an SEO agency in New York to handle all your SEO needs? 

Here are four truths about why you should choose content over backlinks.

1. Determine the Focus of the Page

When you optimize your page for SEO, title tags, headers tags, internal links, etc., it can help understand the page’s content.

Unfortunately, you cannot use backlinks to define a page’s topic unless they are keyword rich.

2. Focus on the User

Think about backlinks for a moment; why do you need them? It is purely for SEO.

However, content aims to relieve your visitor’s pain points. So, the visitors are likely to engage with the content. The users sign up for your newsletter, buy products, enroll for courses, book appointments, and respond to your call to action based on your content.

What is the value of a website with countless backlinks and minimum content (if that is possible) to your prospects? So, if you focus on the links, you will not be of any value to your online visitors.  

To draw people to your quality content, you need to market it. You can guest blog or share links to your work on social media platforms. That way, other sites will identify the value of content on your site then link back.

The only time when backlinks are more valuable than content is when you invent a product or service. Media companies are likely to link to your site to make their report authentic. 

3. Content That Generates Links

People do not link without a reason to link to your content. Do you want to know the content that attracts quality backlinks?

  • Infographics– They are simple to understand. If you want to simplify complex topics, use professional infographics. Websites link to infographics when they want to give their readers a simplified version of a topic. 
  • eBooks and Guides – These are detailed types of content that elaborate on one topic. Since blog posts do not have as many details as guides and eBooks, they link to them for comprehensive information.
  • ‘How to’ posts – They provide guides that break a process into small steps. ‘How to write content that attracts backlinks’ is an excellent example of a ‘how-to’ post. Since the post has several steps, various sites will find sections of the guide relevant, thus link to it. Blog posts that focus on SEO, backlinks, content may find your content worthy of a backlink. Make sure the post is between 2250 and 2500 words for higher ranking.
  • Interview-based posts–Interviews with industry experts attract quality links because they are authoritative. The experts give the first-hand experience on issues, tips, strategies, and valuable information related to the industry. Authority sites link to your content if it focuses on their niche.
  • Opinion posts – The posts provide an opinionated perspective on an issue. The information might be controversial or diverse. However, it must be good enough to draw the attention of high authority sites. In most cases, the post has statistics to prove the opinion. Sites that agree with the view will link to your content for emphasis. However, sites that disagree with the idea will link to the content then address what they feel is misinformation.
  • Original research posts – The reports are data-based. Research posts are broken down into specific sections that focus on an area. Since data is credible, it draws the attention of people who want reliable information.
Content and Links – Are We Making SEO Too Complicated? - SWD
Content and Links – Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?

For you to create the above content, you need to discover the right keywords, then create and optimize your content around the keywords. SEO agency New York has the experience, skills, and expertise to create content that helps to improve your SEO rankings, thus attracting quality links.

4. Develop Site Structure

Internal linking helps to interrelate topics within your site. It also helps in navigation on your site. The links also provide a ‘path’ where spiders crawl topics and pages within your website. 

Ultimate Thoughts

Quality content and backlinks contribute to a high ranking on search engines. Engage a professional SEO agency in New York to help you concentrate on quality content that generates links.

Best WordPress Plugins to Level up your SEO Game in 2021

 51% of website traffic comes from search engines. If you are a website owner, you need to optimize your site with the best WordPress plugins for SEO. Although the plugins do not guarantee first-page ranking, they help improve your chances of ranking high on search engines.

Best WordPress Plugins to Level Up Your SEO Game (2020)
Best WordPress Plugins to Level up your SEO Game (2020)

WordPress is SEO friendly and has several plugins that can help improve the SEO of your blog. However, most of the plugins perform the same work. You, therefore, do not need to install more than one plugin for the same function.

To help you select the best plugins, you need to understand the unique selling point of each plugin that you need. Here is a compilation of the best WordPress plugins for SEO in 2020.

1.      SEMRush

Semrush - Online Visibility Management Platform | SWD
Semrush – Online Visibility Management Platform | SWD

SEMRush has features that guide you to write optimized content and to beat your competitors. First, the tool helps you identify search terms and keywords that can help you rank high in search results.

Secondly, SEMRush has a competitive research feature for ‘spying’ on your competitor. The tool helps you understand what your competitors are doing (keywords they are ranking for) and reveals any marketing gaps in keywords that can help you beat them. Lastly, SEMRush works well with WordPress.

2.      Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner

The Google keyword planner is a free tool aimed at helping advertisers. The tool generates information that helps advertisers reap the most out of their ads on Google.

Google gives you access to keywords, search volume, search difficulty, and several results when you use the tool. The tool gives insight into the trend of the keywords over a period. The feature on trends can help you write relevant content (Google’s requirement for a site to rank high).

3.      Google Console

How to Verify Your Website on Google » Google Console
How to Verify Your Website on Google » Google Console

Google console is a free SEO tool provided by Google to all website owners. It allows website owners to monitor how their site is performing on Google search. The tool provides essential information to help you optimize your site for a higher ranking. Information provided by google console includes technical status updates, search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, and educational resources.

You can integrate google console with MonsterIsights or Yoast SEO.

The SEO tools alert you if there are any optimization errors on your site, like crawl errors.

4.      Yoast SEO

Watch Full Guide on YouTube

The plugin has more than 2,000 reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5. Are you wondering why the plugin is so popular? Here are some of its top features:

  • Yoast SEO tool checks all the requirements of a well optimized site. It checks the length of your content, confirms that all images have an alt tag similar to the keyword, and ensures that you have a meta description.
  • The tool displays a green signal for the requirements that you have met. However, if you need to work on something, Yoast SEO displays an orange signal.
  • Yoast SEO helps to add social media images and open graph metadata to your articles.
  • The SEO tool generate xml maps which makes it easy for Google to crawl your site.
  • If you need to import SEO data from another plugin, Yoast SEO makes the process simple.

5.      All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO pack has a feature manager that allows beginners and web admins to use the tool.

You do not need any experience in SEO to use the tool. Users only need to know how to read and follow instructions on the fields to input the data.

The tool’s default settings provide the best SEO experience, but you can alter them to suit your needs. As you gain more experience in SEO, you can use the advanced features of the ALL in one SEO Pack. 

The SEO tool helps to improve your website by allowing you to add meta tags and SEO titles with ease. The pack offers google analytics, image sitemaps, open graph meta tags, and XML Sitemap support. In addition, it helps to avoid duplicate content on your site.

6.      Ahrefs

Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

Ahrefs is a valuable marketing tool that helps in monitoring competitors, checking backlinks, and conducting keyword research. Other additional features include finding guest posting opportunities, identifying unlinked mentions, and monitoring technical SEO issues.

For the best experience while using Ahref’s, understand the tool then use it daily. People who use the tool daily discover new features the more they use it. Checking the tool regularly guarantees timely reports, which, when worked on, guarantees more traffic to your site. Ahrefs offers a variety of possibilities for positive marketing outcomes.

Ahrefs has an ‘alert’ feature which, as the name suggests, sends an important notification, if requested, via email. Common notifications include alerts on backlinks, mentions, pages linking to competitors, and the performance of your keywords on your site.

By using the various features of the SEO tool, you can improve your current content by optimizing it. Ahrefs can also help you identify website content that needs updating. The tool reveals broken links, thus highlighting link-building opportunities.

7.      Broken link checker

Broken link checker
Broken link checker

If you have been running a blog for some time, you know some tasks can seem uphill. Links within your site play a role in your site’s SEO. If there are broken links, it influences user experience. To avoid a bad user experience, check your site for broken links (outbound and inbound links).

Broken Link Analyser reveals links that are directed to dead pages. If there are dead links from other sites, remove or redirect or reinstating the dead pages. Examine your site for links directed to harmful sites that could damage your SEO.

Just like with the keywords, you can ‘spy’ on your competitor’s links. If people are linking to your competitor’s dead page, redirect the links to your site by creating pages that are similar to your competitor’s.

The broken link checker is a free tool. Unfortunately, it is a resource-intensive tool, and it can slow down your site.

8.      All in one Schema Rich Snippets

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets – WordPress plugin |
All in one Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippet support nine Schema content types. They include people, products, software applications, services, reviews, recipes, events, and videos.

If you need to change the snippets’ looks, strings, or feel, you can do it from the customization box. You can add prices below products, video/image next to descriptions, and star ratings under a review.

The Pro version provides advanced settings and automates the configuration of page markup. If you have several web pages, the automation makes it easy to optimize all your pages.

9.      SEOPress

SEOPress, on-site SEO – WordPress plugin |

SEO plugins help website owners set up a site that is ready for social networks and search engines. Unlike other WordPress plugins for SEO, SEOPress is lightweight and does not slow down a site. The premium version is pocket-friendly and allows you to use it on several websites.

The SEO tools appeal to expert and beginner web owners. It is easy to set up and has a range of features. Some features include Dublin core, structured data types, meta title, HTML Sitemaps, open graph support, Google News setup, google analytics integration, good for Woo-commerce, custom tracking, and advanced SEO options. Although the tool has similar features as Yoast SEO, its premium version is cheaper than Yoast SEO.

10. RankMath

RankMath is a competitive SEO tool that helps optimize your content for easy ranking on social media and search results. The plugin is good for gurus as well as beginners.

Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2021

The installation process is easy as it is a step-by-step wizard. For the best performance, the tool establishes the settings for your site. It also sets up webmaster profiles, SEO settings, and your social profiles.

To help you improve your site’s SEO settings, the tool gives you a preview of how the post looks on social media and SERPs. You can also add short descriptions, Open Graph metadata, and meta titles to your posts when using the tool.  It also displays Google console information such as keywords you are ranking for, indexing issues, and your sitemap status on your dashboard.

RankMath gives tooltips for all its features so that you can maximize them. The tool allows you to import data from other SEO plugins when setting up.

Other Productive Tools

Keyword Tool (FREE) ᐈ#1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative


The tool saves marketers time spent looking for keywords on Google’s autocomplete section. To use the tool, you enter a keyword then it generates over 500 autocomplete keyword suggestions. The suggestions come from search engines’ autosuggest feature.

The keywords suggestions are from Google, Bing, YouTube, e-Bay, Amazon, etc. Find the keywords by selecting ‘Questions,’ ‘negative keywords,’ ‘Related keywords,’ or filter by country, location, or language. The keyword tool gives additional information like the keyword search volume per day or month. tool is good for competitor research. Want to know which keywords your competitors use or how many times they use the keyword on a page? Well, input your competitor’s URL, then search.

12. WP Rocket

The load time of a website affects SEO. The best way to speed up your site is to enable caching. WP Rocket is a caching plugin that guarantees to boost the performance and speed of your site. Websites with fast load time enjoy increased conversion and improved search engine optimization. Fast load speed reduces your website’s bounce-back rate.

The setup is easy and fast, even for people without knowledge of programming. WP Rocket has an option where mobile website visitors can click on for the mobile responsive website.   

13. SEOquake

SEOquake is a non-invasive SEO tool with a ton of helpful data. If you subscribe, you find the tool on the top left-hand side of a web page. If you want to see the details provided, you expand the addon. The tool breaks down data such as backlinks, Alexa rank, density, page health, last updated, and site infrastructure in one place.

The SEO tool is an addon for Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Web, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. SEOquake has a domain comparison which is good for checking how and what your competitors are doing.

However, it is not easy to read the information provided by the tool because of its drop design. The data provided by the tool can be confusing to beginners, and there are no explanations about what the parameters mean.

14. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Extension WordPress |  Français
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Google analysis the time people spend on your site as an indicator of relevance. A lower bounce rate means website visitors find valuable content on your site, so they stick around longer. The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin displays content (posts and pages) related to what the online visitor is engaging with currently. The visitors end up spending more time on your site. A lower bounce-back rate improves your SEO ranking on Google.

15. Monster insights

Marketing is an art and a science. This means you need data to make the right decision and knowledge on how to use the data. When you have the right data, it helps you make decisions that improve your website’s SEO.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights has over 11millon downloads. The plugin displays your analytics in a simplified way within your WordPress dashboard. The report is inclusive and breaks down important metrics such as demographics, link tracking, and interest.  

It is easy to install the WordPress plugin on your site. The tool shows data in an easy-to-understand way and as detailed as you would want the data to be. The insights allow you to see the content doing well on the site, popular products, and where visitors are dropping off.  

16. WP Touch Mobile plugin

WP Touch Mobile plugin

In the first quarter of 2020, browsing on mobile platforms contributed to more than 50% of website traffic. Today, website owners do not choose to create a mobile responsive website if they want to enjoy traffic from mobile platforms. Online visitors are not patient, so they quickly move on to the next site if your site loads slowly.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin can help you increase the speed of your site. It is easy to install and use. You do not have to change any codes for the plugin to work. After installation, you use the administration panel to customize your site for mobile view. WPtouch adds an elegant and beautiful mobile theme for you automatically. 

Plugins categorized as alt | SWD
SEO Optimized Images

17. SEO Optimized Images

To improve SEO ranking, you need to look at all aspects of your site and the content. Did you know you can use Google Image Search to improve your SERP?

Plugins such as the SEO Optimized Images guide you through adding SEO-friendly titles, and alt attributes to your images. The plugin helps you to save time and guarantees the right choice of attributes.

Final remarks

Every website owner wants their site to rank high. SEO plugin tools make the site faster, display necessary data for higher ranking, alert you on SEO errors, and highlights SEO-related issues. The plugins are your eyes on the internet, and they provide timely, concise, and actionable information which can help improve your SEO. It is normal to start with a few WordPress plugins for SEO then keep using more as you advance. Whichever plugin you select, make sure you maximize its benefits.

WordPress plugins for membership

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Membership

Did you know that you need WordPress plugins for membership to create a fully functional site? Are you working on an online course, building a list of loyal customers, or generating income via your website? The plugin helps you to limit the accessibility of your premium content to registered members only.

Why do you need a membership site? Here is why:

  1. Stamp your authority – Authorities in each niche have valuable tips and strategies to give. Anyone with the ability to provide premium content attracts loyal customers who are willing to pay to access the content. Creating a membership site makes it possible to create targeted content, attract the right audience, and demonstrate your niche’s authority.
  2. Grow your email list – Website visitors are always willing to provide their email address in exchange for something valuable. You can create premium content then limit access to registered users only- this is an avenue to gather email addresses for people interested in the content.
  3. Passive income – Membership sites enjoy recurring income drawn from subscription services.

Choosing the ideal WordPress plugins for membership

Choosing the right WordPress plugin for membership makes it easy for you to meet your goals. So, which features should you consider when choosing a membership plugin?

  • Compatibility– Confirm whether the plugin is compatible with your current WordPress theme before installing it. If you are not sure, test the plugin on a local WordPress install.
  • Design – The features on a plugin plays a role in the price. Consider features that not only make your site look good but also helps to fulfill your objectives.
  • Ease of use – Are you planning to hire a developer to assist in the site setup? If not, choose a lightweight plugin that will be easy to use. Use the basic features first, then, if necessary, install additional features to suit your need.

Some plugins come as a complete set with all features, while others have the essential elements only. Choose what suits your needs, experience, and expertise. Selecting the right WordPress membership plugin makes it easy for you to achieve your goals.

Basic plugins and requirements for running a WordPress Membership site

The membership site’s performance depends on every decision from hosting, domain name, and plugins.

  1. A domain name is your online identity, for example, If you need help, rely on guides on how to choose a domain name.
  2. Select a reliable, supportive, and affordable host. Your website files are stored in the hosting web account, so choose the provider wisely.
  3. An essential business plugin converts your site to a membership platform.

Let us delve deeper by looking at some of the most popular WordPress membership plugins.


As the name suggests, the plugin focuses on learning (online courses). It has advanced features for increased customization.

LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugin. Best wordPress Plugins for membership
LearnDash as WordPress Plugins for Membership Sites

Pros of LearnDash

  • Customized sale of courses – LearnDash provides website owners with options for selling their online courses. They can use a shopping cart where learners buy individual sessions. The plugin helps to restrict content to specific membership groups. Secondly, they can offer access to all their online courses to learners. Lastly, if they want learners to pay a recurring amount, the plugin provides that capability.
  • Easy setup – It is easy to set up, add, and organize content on the plugin.
  • Built-in membership features – Think of any element you need in an online learning platform, and you will find it on LearnDash. The plugin incorporates certificates, badges, site quizzes, user profiles, and course forums, amongst other features.
  • Drip content – This is especially important if you want learners to proceed to the next learning module after completing a lower blade.
  • Valuable integrations – The plugin allows you to integrate with various payment gateway. It also allows you to connect with WooCommerce, Slack, bbPress, MemberPress, etc.

Cons of LearnDash

  • Limited features – LearnDash focuses on online learning, so if you want to use it for other purposes, it is not the best choice.

2.     S2Member WP PLUGIN

S2Member is a WordPress membership plugin with both free and paid versions.

Bulk Email for s2Member Archives - Tribulant Blog
Learn more about this WordPress Plugin

Pros of S2Member

  • Free version – Anyone can download and test the features, although it has limited features.
  • Drip feature – Allows you to roll out content as members complete previous levels.
  • Restrictions – You can restrict custom post types, streaming media, specific URL fragments, categories, portions of content inside posts, file downloads, and pages/posts.
  • Tools – The plugin has helpful tools such as brute-force protections, custom login welcome pages, email templates, and IP restrictions.

Cons of S2Member

  • Limited features – The free version has limited features, so it is not suitable for setting up a membership site.
  • Complex – The plugin is not as easy to use compared to other WordPress membership plugins.

3.     MemberPress FOR WORDPRESS

Well, MemberPress is a robust tool that allows you to convert your normal WordPress site to an authoritative membership site. The plugin comes with features that make the transformation easy.

Learn more about this WordPress Plugin on YouTube

Pros of MemberPress

  • Set up– To use the plugin, install it, then enter payment gateway details, your products, then your site will be ready for your members.
  • The plugin automatically sets up a login, thank you pages, set up pricing, and the account.
  • Integration – MemberPress integrates seamlessly with email marketing services such as GetResponse, MailChimp, MadMimi, and Aweber, among others. For podcast hosting, the membership plugin integrates with Blurry and Amazon Web services.
  • Restrictions – If you install the plugin on your existing WordPress site, then you will want to restrict access to posts, pages, and files for your premium members. The plugin makes it easy to set up the restrictions.
  • Payment gateways – MemberPress has an inbuilt payment service for Stripe,, and Paypal. You can also create pricing pages with ease.

Cons of MemberPress

  • Pricing – MemberPress annual payment is $249 for the plus plan and $129 for the basic plan.
  • Payment options – The plugin integrates with Paypal,, and Stripe only. Limited payment options integration locks out potential clients who do live countries that do not support the payment gateways.

4.     Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a popular, flexible, and lightweight WordPress plugin for membership created by Pippin’s plugins. The plugin has a free version of WordPress, but it has limited features. All the plugin’s features come as add-ons.

You can use Restrict Pro to generate recurring payments from magazine subscriptions, create premium content for club memberships, form private forums, and set up a members’ blogging network.

Learn more about this WordPress Plugin on YouTube

Pros of Restrict Content Pro

  • Unlimited subscription levels– The plugin provides flexible subscription options. You can choose a free, premium, or trial subscription.
  • Creative pricing – Which price structures do you want to use? Restrict Pro allows you to use a combination of payment structures for your members. Members can also upgrade or downgrade between plans, and the money they paid is utilized in their current plan. If you want to create a promotion, Restrict Pro lets you create a coupon code.
  • Content access – Since members are at various levels. The plugin has features that restrict content per post.
  • Integration – Restrict Pro works well with WooCommerce, email marketing plugins (Mailpoet, MailChimp, email manager, etc.), and payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc.). The plugins are free, not paid addons.
  • Ease of use- The plugin integrates with WordPress, making it easy to set it up and use.
  • Ready support – Whenever you need help, you can rest assured that someone will assist you within a brief time. This is attributed to the short response time.

Cons of Restrict Pro

  • Limited features – the free version has limited features.


Teachable is a standalone platform for creating and publishing online courses. You can, therefore, host the courses on the Teachable subdomain or integrate the plugin to your website.

Pros of Teachable

  • Powerful editor – Enables you to create and launch sales pages that convert website visitors to paying users.
  • Integration – It is easy to import content from any online tools that use Zapier, such as Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive.
  • Tools – The plugin has tools that make the learning experience seamless for you and the learners. You can create quizzes, discussion forums and issue certificates to students once they complete their courses. If you want to roll out your course content after learners complete a level, the plugin has the drip content feature.
  • Marketing – Teachable helps you to customize your site with tools that help increase your sales. Advanced pricing options, coupon codes, email marketing, affiliate programs, analytics, etc. are some of the tools available on the plugin.
  • Ease of use – Teachable has built-in tools, so you upload and create content. The WordPress plugin for membership is good for non-techs as well as experienced people.

Cons of Teachable

  • Non-WordPress plugin- unfortunately, Teachable is not a WordPress theme. That means you have to use a sub-domain or links to integrate it into your WordPress site.
  • Cost– Since the plugin is sold as a package, it is expensive compared to other WordPress membership plugins.
Learn more about this WordPress Plugin on YouTube


Choosing a WordPress plugin for membership is not as easy as selecting other types of WordPress plugins. This is because it takes time to set up a membership plugin. Although some features are already set, there is still a lot of human effort required to set up the site fully. Pick a plugin with the features that mean the most to you. Making the right choice will save you set up time and guarantee maximum benefits from the site.

LastPass Password Manager online

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass, operated by LogMeIn and enabled by robust security protocols and top-class functionality, is a top-quality password manager. It scores well in all categories and is a perfect alternative for organizations of all sizes. 

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Our LastPass analysis examines the platform’s benefits and limitations and asks if it is the right enterprise password manager. 

Features and utilities of LastPass

One of LastPass’s most important stuff is, it’s not just a password manager. There are also some tools on the website that streamline your and your employees’ web experiences. For passwords and credit cards, WiFi passwords, and digital notes, LastPass has secure storage. 

Companies looking for the right password manager would be delighted to know the Last Pass comes with all planned regular functions, including password exchange, generating passwords, urgent entry, one-touch login, and automated data sync. 

LastPass also has creative tools that differentiate it from the bundle and make it one of our favorite enterprise password security solutions. 

The combination of password protection and MFA services is one such creative feature. Combining password protection and MFA helps LastPass encrypt each access point with over 1200 pre-integrated apps used on the company computers. 

Advanced admin controls also enable IT managers, to exploit more than 100 user management and data control policies. It is, therefore, one of the most flexible tools for password management. 

Interface and performance 

We had admirable results in the LastPass applications and had no unfavorable reports in our test. Syncing was efficient, slow to operate, and smooth as the business advertised on many platforms and browsers. 

The programs themselves are well built and easy to use through the user interface. We reviewed and were both impressed with the software on Windows 10, iOS, and Android. They highly appreciated the divisions of data into various menu options. This makes organizing the codes, credit cards, notes, and addresses convenient for consumers. 


Though LastPass has great applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, it is better combined with a plugin extension in your browsing experience.

Browser extensions for all major platforms allow users to enjoy smooth password protection. Single-on-technology ensures that the extension auto-fills out passwords and other credentials while accessing recognized places after the user has entered their master password.

However, it is necessary to download the LastPass program. It will be the portal for user control of data and account configurations. The software is easy to download on all devices. Only your master or biometric information is needed to log in. 

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Security using Lastpass

A password protection provider can be rendered or broken by a safety policy. The passwords and credentials are not secure without sophisticated encryption or attack identification. 

LastPass is luckily one of the most reliable password managers on the market. The LastPass platform encodes all data from bottom to bottom using 256-bit AES encoding. It uses advanced transportation layer authentication to avoid attacks in transit. 

LastPass doesn’t store user master passwords or authentication keys locally or on its servers as an industry standard. Therefore, no one may remotely access encrypted user info, like LastPass.

Besides, LastPass’s regular external audits, as well as their straightforward response protocol, were especially impressive. This ensures that they are easily detected and fixed if there are vulnerabilities in the LastPass method.

Finally, the LastPass bug bounty scheme provides a Community cornerstone to the network’s security frame and thus defends LastPass from vulnerabilities and flaws in applications. 

LastPass Plans and pricing 

LastPass provides two different products for those who choose to protect and simplify their company’s passwords and credential management, unlike other password managers. 

Teams and Enterprise strategies are, as you would imagine, LastPass rivals to be password-protected devices. Teams are $4.00 a user/month and $6.00 a user/month for business.

However, the Multi-Factor Authentication Plan (MFA) is not a password protection tool as a multi-factor biometric company credential. The cost of the package is $3.00 per person per month. 

Finally, all Business and MFA plans are included in the Identification Package, a broad login and credential management solution. It costs a user/month of $8.00. 

LastPass Review

The competition 

Although LastPass is highly practical and inexpensive, cheaper alternatives will appeal to enterprises with a tight budget. For starters, with very similar security protocols and collection of features, sticky password and RememBear are at least 25 percent cheaper than LastPass. Solarwinds Passportal Enterprise Password Manager is another good rival. 


LastPass entities may obtain assistance in different ways, including LastPass forums. The web page features posts on various business subjects, and for several niche issues, we were able to find guidance.

Online posts, free online training, and guides for problems that one cannot address by exploring the forum. However, LastPass allows communication via telephone or email difficult.

Final Thoughts 

LastPass is one of the possible password managers. Company owners or IT managers would do better to take this into account. Advanced functionality, top-of-the-line encryption, and streamlined administrative controls and analytics play their part in this near-to-best-in-class password management solution. 

Lastpass is still relatively inexpensive, considering its advanced capabilities. This makes a major contribution to our positive view of the network. 

  • LastPass can be subscribed to here. 
  • To secure your company, we have the best internet security tools available. 
G Suite Business and for Enterprise Users


This analysis of G Suite Business or Google Workspace discusses what is to be done, why the deal is valued, and how an account handles the company. 

For several years I’ve been using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This analysis by Google Workspace reveals what to expect, whether the bid is worth the money, and how an account can handle the company. 

But consider this at first: are you able to make your self-employment a more professional company? 

Or maybe you want to include a suite of methods for productivity to work together easier? 

You need the right equipment to do the job, either – or if you are starting. This involves discovering a large collection of multimedia resources that can help you connect, develop content and organize. 

Naturally, the internet is overflowing with software that can do all that and even more. The trick is to find applications that fit together and that don’t leave you confused. I’ll look closely at one of the best resources Google has – the Google Workspace. 

In this detailed Google Workspace or G Suite analysis, all you need to know is protected. 

What is G Suite Business? 

G-suite is an email, communication, and productivity suite hosted by Google flagship. Priced at $10, G Suite is limitless in cloud storage every month as checked (with 1TB cap per user if fewer than five users). It requires intelligent cloud search, unparalleled security, and management controls. Google Cloud’s Suite expands on the Standard Version by introducing an encryption layer and file storage and enhanced text, chat, and file monitoring options and policy enforcement. Smart search through the G Suite and Cloud Search is also offered to subscribers of this standard. 

G Suite from Google Cloud (for Enterprise) meets the bulk of business specifications with the 24-hour call, email, and web support and 99.978 percent email service uptime, as well as links to a familiar email, calendar, video conferencing, and a suite of spreadsheet and table editor software. This version may be the best location for rates and features, but it is behind Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Premium Editing Option champion. 

G Suite by Google Cloud (for Businesses) provides 99.978 percent uptime on its mail service, also an integral component of its activities for organizations relying not only on Gmail but on the whole of G Suite. After all, a service is typically not accessible to your regular office apps, especially for web-based applications. It makes such an assured bet that the data is loss-proof by using multiple Google data centers containing many more redundant networks. You can find a free 14-day trial on your website. 

Features We Use on a Daily Basis 

G Suite has three plans that you can use (we can delve deeper later). For our employees in Kinsta, we use the Simple G Suite plan. It begins at just $5 per user per month. The simple package is likely to be everything you will need for many of you. This is what it contains: 

Gmail with G Suite Business Plans

Litmus claims Gmail leads the way as the world’s most successful email user, with a combined market share of 26 percent based on open rates. No surprise since 2004, Gmail currently has over 1.2 billion subscribers. This is not unexpected. One of the great aspects about G Suite is that you’re essentially having an upgraded online email app free edition that you are most likely to use. 

Gmail with G Suite Business Plans

G Suite encourages the workers to have their own Gmail accounts and e-mail addresses with their company domain name. One or two users in a very small company might get rid of free Gmail accounts and some rules alias+forwarding. However, if you start employing two or three workers, you will need different accounts. 

Google Calendar 

Without Google Calendar, none of us here in Kinsta will exist. All of us are depending on it to schedule and create timelines for critical projects with our customers. You will hold your timetable coordinated by Google Calendar. 

The opportunity to build multiple agendas open to anyone in the business is one of the best stuff about Google Calendar in G-Suite (or even a subset of users). For example, you will want a community calendar for occasions such as team vacations and monthly meetings. Those activities are much simpler for all the workers in the same company than the free version. 

Google Drive on G Suite Business

You can save your files in one safe location, open them and share them. It’s quick for any computer to use then. The 30GB of capacity for each employee comes with G Suite Basic plans. G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Team Versions have infinite storage to hold the file space. Note: You get just 1TB/user if you’re a smaller party of fewer than 5 members. 

If you haven’t previously used Google Drive, the fantastic search feature is one of the best things we enjoy about it! It isn’t shocking, however, to see that they run the world’s biggest search engine. Would you like to find a text (regardless of the file name) based on the content? Good, nice. That means that you can easily find what you are searching for, no matter how unorganized you are. 

The paying Google Drive edition helps you store your free personal and Gmail drive twice, 24/7, share controls and advanced reports. 

Google Docs and Google Sheets 

Google Docs and Google Sheets talk a lot about themselves and are applications we see every day again. You can build and edit text documents and tablets directly in your browser. Import your papers, like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files, for instant editing (.docx, .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods). By February 2018, without the need to immediately migrate to Google’s format, you could also collaborate and comment on Microsoft Office applications. 

You can also export to common formats of third parties. Without the need to update or buy additional applications, this makes it easy to coordinate with other individuals and businesses and submit files. 

Note: Google Docs and sheets produced in G Suites directly do not count to the storage cap. 

Some of the typical activities for which we use them are here: 

  • Input on current web site material and feedback from team members. 
  • The content fits on our forum for guest authors. 
  • When posting on third-party pages, sends content to others. Never have we seen anyone demanding a Word document for the last few years, everyone only asks for a Google Doc. Why does this happen? It is just really simple and user friendly. 
  • Data from Ahrefs exports crunching spreadsheet. 
  • Quick financial figures running. 
  • Keep note of budgets for PPC and variations of web copy ads. 
  • Analysis of CTR modifications for SERPs. 
  • Writing of paying sponsorship material (WordCamps). 

The real-time comment and infinite copies are some of Google Docs and Spreadsheets’ best features. Previous versions are stored forever and do not count to the storage. This makes monitoring changes in a document super simple or canceling an error. And, it is extremely easy to exchange information with your friends or other users. 

Google Keep 

Google Keep seems to be among the things no one understands. Google Hold rocks when you look for a simple Evernote solution! This is a big little tool, whether you use G Suite or not. As a Google product, the Google ecosystem operates flawlessly. 

It can be an easy way to retain clients in a convenient location for the commonly asked questions. Build to-do lists, reminders, and track records. All synchronizes between your devices, so it’s really necessary to hit all. Easily transfer and archive them with your team when you do. And Google’s search again fits for it well. 

G Suite Business Admin Console 

Company owners from one location can conveniently access the G Suite Admin Console. It has recently been overhauled and is even better than Google Apps did before. 

Do everything from recruiting new users and classes, handling computers and configuring security configurations, adding custom domains to the organization for Gmail use (such as 2-factor authentication). 

In the majority, the administrator must enable any of the functions in the G suite to be used. Any of them can be seen only on higher plans. If a function is not allowed and a user attempts to use it, a “not available” message will be displayed (as seen below). 

Additional Features of G Suite Business

Here are some other features that we don’t use too much at Kinsta, but you may want: 

  • Google Hangouts Chat: Did you listen to Slack? The new Google Chat (released in February 2018) is effectively the new competition tool of Google. The workspace is a dedicated one-on-one group chat and group chat room. You can use deeply integrated Google bots and 3rd Party apps to make conversations more effective. All G Suite plans are included in the Hangouts chat for free. 
  • Google Hangouts Meet: Here in Kinsta, we choose Zoom or Slack video chat, but Google Hangouts Meet always does video calls and conferences. The meeting is fully compatible with the G Suite so that you can engage in a calendar event or invite an invitation. You can also use dial-in numbers while people are on the road or maybe without Internet if they run the Business edition of G Suite. 
  • Google Forms: Most of you probably have completed a Google Form earlier. Although we choose to use other apps, ideally labeled types on our WordPress platform, the collection of information can be extremely fast and simple. 
  • Google Slides: Do you like a good Microsoft Powerpoint alternative? That’s all Google Slides. You will benefit from their real-time collaboration and comments and infinite version history much like the other goods. 
  • Google Sites: For WordPress, it’s much easier to use Google Sites. Check out why WordPress should be included. 
  • Mobile Administration: Don’t do it if you care about a stolen smartphone for your staff. This is the aim of mobile administration. Allow this to be an admin and, if necessary, remotely delete G Suite data from computers. 

G Suite Business and Enterprise Users 

The more characteristics of G Suite Business and Enterprise strategies are also essential to take note of. If you are a larger organization and rely heavily on email, it will relieve your concerns. 

  • Cloud Search: Do you want to continue the search in G Suite? You can browse through the content of your firm in G Suite through the Cloud search feature. Docs, cards, graphs, the schedule, and more from Gmail and DRIVE. 
  • Vault: There can’t be so many copies. Vault lets you preserve, scan and export the e-mail, Google Drive content, and record chats of your organization. You can also export them to your company. In theory, all the data should be archived and a retention policy can be established.