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They are posts with numerical subheadings that are separated into distinct parts. “Top (X) lists,” although there are others, are a general form of a list.
Our category for listicles includes is any multimedia material that is organized in the form of a list.
As with websites like BuzzFeed, we’ve adopted the listicle style, which has since been followed by serious media as well. Every month, we create and publish several blogs with a list format under Sleek Web Designs. We thus consider lists-based articles as one of the most important forms of written multimedia material.

Important Web Development Services and Bits to Seek Expert Help

Important Web Development Services & Bits to Seek Expert Help

73%inquiries mean, There is an infinite number of possible Web Development Services and value-added programs, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Rather, there are answers to some of the most important problems that most small and medium-sized firms face. Almost all of these additional web development and WP Design programs can be adapted or mixed to have a personalized approach.

Important Web Development Services & Bits to Seek Expert Help
Web Design & Development

Setting Up Google App Business

Setting up Google Applications for a customer seems to be too easy a process for people familiar with the technology. However, put yourself in the shoes of our customers. At the best of times, the prospect of having to set up hundreds of email addresses, change MX documents, and configure permissions may seem daunting.

Many companies also host both their website and their email on the same computer. It’s a time-honored and potentially unsafe tradition, particularly if their company emails often contain classified details. It should be reasonably easy to inform them of the advantages of having a dedicated email provider.

Google Workspace Guide

Google Apps for Work is perhaps the most comprehensive business-grade email and collaboration suite online. Furthermore, they have both a referral service and a partner program, which allow us to receive a minor fee for assisting clients with account setup.

Web Development Services & Marketing Automation Plans

The way companies engage with their clients is evolving as a result of marketing automation. Using marketing automation to the customers’ workflows can bring a lot of value to the services we offer.

InfusionSoft and Ontraport are SaaS companies that can help clients simplify and systematize their marketing, lead development, distribution, and CRM processes. Our clients, on the other hand, would face major obstacles if they want to automate.

The initial setup takes a long time, needs a lot of work, and has a steep learning curve. It’s not unusual to come across designers who provide a “done for you” configuration service for $100 to $165 per hour.

If our clients are still paying for an email marketing program, it’s worth looking at marketing automation’s advantages notably, if they are already paying for a subpar site.

Email Design and Web Configuration Services

The email appears to be the leader in driving online purchases, according to Salesforce, with 73 percent of marketers believing that it is essential to their business. Email is the chosen mode of communication for 69 percent of internet users in the United States.

Creating HTML Emails: An Overview for Web Designers | Email Design and Web Configuration
Email Design and Web Configuration

With figures like this, persuading clients of the value of email marketing shouldn’t be that complicated. It can seem to be a straightforward job to handle, but remember the following from our client’s perspective:

  • Making an email prototype
  • Picture and content development
  • Separation and maintenance of lists
  • Setup and creation of a campaign
  • Marketing for the whole life cycle
  • Reporting, among other things

It’s more complex than it seems on the surface to create a successful email marketing strategy. Even charging a fixed charge for the original design and configuration could save the clients hours of work.

Social Media Management

The Importance of Social Media in Business - Air Web Solution
Social Media Management

Most companies have utterly misunderstood social media. They made the error of thinking social media was a distribution channel anywhere in the way. When they don’t have the desired outcome in a fair period, they also disregard the technique as unsuccessful.

Companies that don’t have workers or experience to run an ongoing Facebook campaign can benefit from ongoing social media management. According to HubSpot, 59%en of advertisers spend 6 hours or more per week on social media. Also, those hours provide a fantastic opportunity for social media management on a retainer at half the rate.

Development Services for Web Landing Page Creation

For most companies, landing pages have been a significant priority. According to HubSpot, businesses with 40 or more landing pages produce 12 times more leads than those with five or fewer.

While some SaaS solutions help our clients create landing pages, a more customized solution may be more appealing. This is particularly true if we offered fixed-rate rates rather than the monthly SaaS plans that are more popular.

Web Development to Maintenance Services

Of all our value-added services linked to web development, providing ongoing maintenance should be the most evident. A quick look at the WordPress version statistics could easily address our question about whether a maintenance service is useful. The most recent version of WordPress is now used by just 37.6% of WordPress deployments.

It’s a clear fact that if clients are left on their own devices, they will either forget or won’t care to keep their website current. It’s also worth remembering that such numbers don’t consider the number of out-of-date plugins in use.

Ongoing maintenance may involve some different facilities, such as:

  • WordPress and plugins must be updated.
  • Posting and formatting blog entries
  • Taking care of backups
  • Fixes and small upgrades
  • Reporting every month

We could charge an hourly rate or a monthly retainer for this service. In any case, regular upkeep is an excellent way to keep the customer partnerships fresh. Being in front of customers every month improves the chances of landing new work when it becomes viable.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion enhancement, a service that often uses value-based pricing, is right behind and tightly integrated with landing pages (for obvious reasons). Conversion created a brilliant infographic that is well worth digging at. The following numbers are particularly interesting:

  • By the end of 2015, 61% of businesses plan to begin A/B testing.
  • 73 percent of businesses are baffled as to why customers leave their shopping carts.

There are various user-friendly resources available, such as Visual Website Optimizer, that can assist clients in getting a better return on their investment. Conversion optimization should be a top priority among the resources we might provide as a creator. Not only does the conceptual side of architecture lend itself well to optimization research, but we’ll also have a detailed understanding of how the site was designed, allowing subtle modifications and tweaks an easy process.

Conversion Optimization

PPC Management

Managing clients’ PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns will easily turn into a time-consuming activity. However, if we enjoy SEO long-tail keyword research and ad copy testing in addition to production, PPC might be a service for us. Although it is not necessary, a Certified Google AdWords Partner will lend credibility to our marketing efforts.

The market for all organic keywords has risen dramatically, and there are several cases where depending exclusively on organic rankings is no longer a choice. Furthermore, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are becoming more popular, and being able to advise our clients on multiple platforms can give us an advantage.

Final Thoughts on Additional Web Development Services

As WordPress developers, we’re often in circumstances where we need to learn a lot about a client’s company. The knowledge we collect during the production process is a direct product. We’ll hear about their goods and services, as well as their revenue funnels, how they screen potential leads, and who the company’s key staff are, among other things.

All of this data helps us develop a special opportunity to see the larger picture. We frequently identify inefficiencies that the customer was unaware of.

Our client inquires, “We mean one can simplify the process?”

“A person certainly can,” we always insist, “but let us show we how we’ve helped some of our other clients overcome the same problem.”

Have we tried adding other similar or unrelated programs if we’re digital entrepreneurs? How have our customers reacted, and has it had a positive impact on our business? And let us know what we think in the comments section below.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Design - The Best Sites and Models

Social Media Marketing Strategy Design: The Best Sites and Models

The promotion of goods or services via social media websites and platforms is known as social media marketing (SMM). SMM usually entails creating customized and relevant content, as well as driving interaction and sharing.

Social media marketing may be a fruitful way for entrepreneurs and other companies to engage with prospective clients and create their brands. When done correctly, it has the potential to propel a company to new heights. Any business owners have also run their whole company via social media.

On the other hand, SMM can be distracting or even backfire by turning away clients and opportunities if you’re not careful.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies and Startups.

Establishing a strong social media identity is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the top five social media marketing tactics for entrepreneurs and small companies that will help them establish a strong social media presence.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Companies and Startups.
Best Social Media Marketing Strategies.

How to Design your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Interact well

The most critical thing to keep in mind when it comes to social media is this: it’s not about you. It’s all about your audience. This environment allows you to communicate with guests by interacting with the information you post. Likes, likes, and feedback come naturally from a solid SMM approach that places the customers first.

Thank the fans for mentioning their brand-related posts and tweets. They’ll be thankful to you and will continue to support your company. Gratitude and responsiveness help boost the brand’s image and build your branding by demonstrating that you value future customers.


To begin, business owners must consider the various media networks to decide which environments are most appropriate. You’ll help accomplish your social media goals by categorizing the sites and targeting the appropriate settings. Only if you carefully analyze how to develop a social media strategy and then add those lessons to a plan can social media serve as an engine for your company. What is the best way for small companies to get started in social media marketing? Put, by learning and only doing what they’ve learned.


On social media, you want to build up your reputation and legitimacy over time. LinkedIn, a crucial area to consider when developing a social media plan, is a forum for every company owner to gain authority. On LinkedIn, increasing your audience and participation will help you increase sales and conversions. The more you develop your brand, the more prospects for development will show themselves. However, don’t bring too much capital into this.


The needs and patterns of social networking sites like Facebook are critical to a startup’s social media strategy. Bear in mind that Facebook now prefers content from friends over content from corporations and other sites, so you’ll need to conquer that hurdle with ad campaigns.


However, you can’t focus exclusively on commercials. Asking important questions and listening to the responses is a perfect way to interact with clients or guests on Facebook and elsewhere. The questions may be about your goods or general knowledge. Get it fascinating.


Besides, there are several social media sites. If you’re just getting started with a social media promotion campaign, don’t feel obligated to be involved on any platform. Start with well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Investigate that your potential client spends the most time online to assess the platforms that provide you with the best outcomes.

Another important thing to note when starting with SMM is to concentrate your energies on a single forum.

Create your profile on other social media sites, but rely on the one that’s most important to you. Conduct a detailed social media analysis, create a policy, and execute it. Note that your social media marketing campaign would be more successful if you addressed both content and meaning with both of your profiles. If material is king, meaning is God, as it’s been aptly saying.

Not to mention that people are spending an increasing amount of time on their computers, mostly using social media applications.

Which Design & Tactics do Social Media Marketing Influencers Use?

Which Design & Tactics do Social Media Marketing Influencers Use?


It is the most widely used and fastest search engine. The YouTube social media marketing approach is also straightforward: upload your videos to YouTube and customize them for search to appear as users search for similar or your content. one will attract more followers by using appealing names, keywords, and tagging in your videos.


The Facebook marketing campaign for small companies is clear and straightforward. It’s a perfect forum for building target markets for paying ad placements because it has a large user base. Regularly post announcements on pricing, discounts, new models, and even future releases or activities, but just one specific piece of content every day.


Instagram has surpassed one billion logins, with many subscribers. One can add as many photographs, stories, and permanent posts as one wants. The personification of your brand is at the core of Instagram’s social media marketing campaign. The only thing to remember is to keep sharing visuals/posts/stories on Instagram. If you unexpectedly stop, you risk losing fans. Try sharing high-quality pictures of the goods to add appeal, which is a very important tactic here. The curiosity is maintained by certain short reports (there for 24 hours) for upcoming sessions or behind-the-scenes.


This website is the most trusted by social media users, with over 300 million monthly active users and a million tweets. To formalize your Twitter social media marketing plan, start by tweeting relevant details, including new launches, product deals, online competitions, sales, or any views on, say, industry. You can communicate with your fans by retweeting several times.

Book Sleek WebMasters to Design your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Sleek Web Designs’ team of marketers posts high-quality content consistently. To be popular on Instagram, you must be reliable. An Instagram marketing firm will ensure that your feed is updated regularly and that the content you share is appealing, relevant, and targeted to your target audience.


Though we don’t often push it that way, having an Instagram following has become a status symbol in recent years. Brands with a large fanbase and excellent content are ‘winners’ and attract more buyers. Sleek Web Designs, an Instagram marketing agency, will help you win in your business.

Instagram advertising isn’t complicated at all. It’s straightforward. It’s simply not convenient. As a result, you’d need the assistance of experts. Sleek Web Designs, an Instagram marketing organization, will assist you in achieving your objectives and increasing your brand on this photo-sharing site. To get started, take a look at our low-cost social media pricing packages.


All of our social media campaign offerings for small businesses include:

Custom Advertising Campaigns

one would tailor your social media promotional campaigns to the company’s objectives and the needs of your clients.

Performance Reports

We’ll assess the campaign’s success and produce a summary at the close of the campaign. After that, we’ll go over the report with you to see exactly what you got for your ad money.

Ongoing Optimization

We’re still keeping an eye on the marketing campaigns and searching for opportunities to develop them. As a consequence of this continuing optimization, you can invest less when producing more leads.

Final Thoughts

But don’t want to do that yourself. Time is a valuable asset for a small business owner. Work with a digital marketing agency to build simple social media marketing campaigns for cost-effective small companies. Get underway right away.

Your website is your first home, and social media is like a second home. Successful company social media tactics express your tone and attitude to your followers, helping you stand out. Your company will expand in a lot of ways through social media. You’ll be competitive if you have a well-thought-out plan and the right skills on your hand.

Website Creation Services – From Design to Management Packages

Website Creation Services – From Design to Management Packages

Let’s talk about the logistics of actually providing Website Creation services to our web design customers now that we’ve looked at a variety of packages we can provide.

Here are some of our most basic options related to website creation services online:

Website Creation Services – From Design to Management Packages
Website Creation Services – From Design to Management Packages

Do the Work Yourself

The first choice, of course, is to have the service yourself. Any operation you provide on your own would necessitate prior training and skills. Some programs may necessitate a significant amount of training for you to provide an appropriate service to your customers, while others may rely on the expertise that a web designer can easily improve and build.

The schedule is a part of the issue here. If you have a lot of free time and a small client base right now, time might not be an issue. However, if we’re still swamped with digital marketing jobs, adding additional resources can be difficult.

Book Website Creation Services from Sleek Web Designs

If you wish to provide services that aren’t a good match for your current talents, it may be easier to recruit someone else or outsource the website creation job rather than having to learn new skills on your own.

Besides, as a web development firm, offering additional services aims to raise revenue, and that increased revenue can allow you to employ others to do the job.

You may recruit our experienced webmasters on a project-by-project basis or hire us for full-time service. We won’t have to do any of the work ourselves, regardless of which direction we take.

Merge the Website Creation Part with other Brands and Services

The last choice we might see is collaborating with another service provider. Instead of recruiting someone else to do the job, we might find a freelancer or an organization that provides services similar to ours and form a mutually beneficial relationship.

If we can see, there are various resources that one can provide in addition to web design. These extra resources may help us give more to customers (and make more money from each client) and reach out to more individuals. Our sales potential may grow as we expand our customer base and add new offerings.

Major Web Development Services to Hire Out

Learn more on YouTube

· Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a perfect match because if we’re building a website for a customer, the client can get more money from it if it’s good at attracting search engine traffic.

There is considerable crossover between the two Website Creation services, of course. We can design the website to be search engine friendly as a web builder, but full-fledged SEO providers may go further. This may include on-page SEO, such as optimizing pages or content to rank for particular keywords, or off-page SEO, such as link building.

· Analytics

Almost all web design customers would like statistics and analytics to help them understand how successful their site is. Google Analytics is a valuable free software that clients can use, but it can be frustrating and challenging at times. Our clients may be looking for assistance in analyzing Google Analytics reports and implementing the necessary improvements to boost their performance.

We may have already included Google Analytics code on customer websites. Why not take that a step further to have Analytics support?

It might be as easy as a meeting in which we take the customer around the Google Analytics dashboard and explain it so they can pay attention to it in the future. Alternatively, we may include weekly or monthly reports and any relevant advice based on the information included in such reports.

· Social Media Management WEBSITE CREATION Services

Most companies use social media in a way, but only a small percentage of them use it to its full extent. Small companies and entrepreneurs also lack the time or human resources to successfully handle their social media accounts independently, which is where we step in.

We may offer to assist clients in creating and maintaining their social media accounts, freeing up their resources to focus on more critical aspects of their company or website. Social media administrators or virtual assistants may often sell subscriptions that contain a certain amount of social media messages on various platforms. The client could pay a monthly fee to maintain their Facebook page and plan two new posts every day. Our style is distinctive.

· Email Marketing Plans

Since email marketing usually yields a high return on investment, this could be an environment where our clients are eager and ready to invest in a specialist like ourselves.

Watch this guide now to learn more.

Planning HTML emails (or templates for our businesses to use) and website content creation services, designing graphics for the emails, and even establishing and handling the campaigns could all be part of our services.

· Ad Creation and Management Services

Many companies need assistance with the creation and management of online advertising. Freelancers and companies with experience with Facebook advertising and Google AdWords are in high demand.

As an ad manager, we may produce commercials for our clients, set up promotions, test and monitor campaigns regularly, and send updates to our clients that display the results.

· Keyword Research

We suggested earlier that we would be able to provide SEO services. One crucial part of SEO that we should focus on is keyword analysis. It’s also easier to pick up than any of the other skills discussed in this post.

A keyword analysis is a vital part of SEO, but many clients won’t know how to do it or won’t have the resources to do it themselves.

Our keyword analysis and website creation services could include determining and recommending the right keywords for our clients to use on their websites and in their content. For most of our customers, we may want to concentrate on low-competition keywords that offer smaller sites a chance to appear on Google’s first page.

· Copywriting & Content Website Creation Services

We could provide copywriting services to our clients if we have any writing skills. In certain instances, this may mean drafting a copy for a landing page or a sales page. Since good copywriting can yield dramatic effects in terms of revenue, this can be a very efficient service.

Offering services relevant to content creation may be a good match, given that we would be working on the client’s website anyway.

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design – Additional Services by Developers

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design – Additional Services by Developers

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design may benefit both website developers and their potential clients. Besides, agencies are always diligent in seeking additional avenues to generate continuing value for their customers as the digital world becomes more dynamic. After all, the cost of acquiring a new website project gradually increases.

To remain afloat, web designers must adjust and raise their sales per customer. This article will discuss various methods for increasing the website project revenue that any designer or entrepreneur can adopt.

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design – Additional Services by Developers
Web Design

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design #1. Website Maintenance Services

Web maintenance falls first in our list of the extra packages linked to web design and development. As a designer, both you and the customer would benefit from having peace of mind. Your client will like to know that you will be there for them if anything goes wrong. And, for a fee, you will be.

Websites fail, CMSs and their modules must be updated daily, one must update JavaScript libraries, and so on.

Since ongoing maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining a website, some companies focus exclusively on this service: Companies specializing in site maintenance feature in Google search results for the term “website maintenance services.”

Before a project starts, discuss an existing website maintenance support contract, so you don’t have to do any awkward post-project upselling, and the client can rest assured knowing you’ll be there to help them when the time comes.

At Sleek Web Designs, we may launch a client with a monthly base rate of certain hours, based on how complicated their website is, which is immediately paid out at our regular hourly rate. If all of this sounds like too much hassle for you or your squad, consider contracting website management to a reliable service provider who will happily take on the responsibility.

Additional Packages Linked to Web Design #2. Research and Development

Websites are getting stale quicker than the loaf of bread in your cupboard due to the relentless evolution of technology.

Sharing your excitement for architecture and the future of the Web with your customer is a perfect way to improve your partnership, and it also serves as a great pre-sell for when you uncover a new plugin or piece of technology that can support their business. It’s no wonder research and development came second in our top “Extra Packages Linked to Web Design.”

Our service professionals are always looking for new ways to develop our own and our clients’ websites. And when we come across something amazing, we don’t hesitate to tell you about it and offer our additional plans related to Web Design to help them introduce it on their web.

Extra Packages Linked to Web Design #3. Conversion Rate Optimization

You can’t predict how real people would interact on the platform you’ve produced with 100% certainty. However, as a web developer, conversion rate optimization services can help with this.

When we clarify the idea of randomly breaking down various versions of their website — A/B testing — to increase conversion rates, most of our clients are taken aback.

Conversion rate optimization services may provide the following:

  1. Putting the website improvements into action: You will upgrade the site with the latest template as appropriate.
  2. Establishing the experiment: theories, regulated variables, and proposed research variants
  3. The experiment’s findings are presented as follows: You could make a summary of the information you’ve learned and the modifications you think could be made.
  4. Experiment administration: You can do this with apps like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely.


Extra Packages Linked to Web Design – Additional Services by Developers
Extra Packages Linked to Web Design

· Additional Packages Linked to Web Design #4. Managed Web Hosting

Traditional website hosting has become the go-to tool. One of the Extra Packages Linked to Design is for web designers and developers to produce ongoing revenue from their existing customers.

As an agency, your consumers will be overjoyed to discover that they won’t have to find and handle their web hosting solution. This also makes web changes and support programs simpler for both you and the customer.

Rackspace and MediaTemple, two reputable shared web hosting firms, provide inexpensive, managed platforms that allow you to host several website domains.

If you want decent pricing and fine power of your web hosting services, you should be using a virtual private server (VPS) provider like Linode, Digital Ocean, or Prgmr. Virtual hosting helps you to install and maintain several website domains, much like shared hosting.

The drawback of using a VPS is that the learning curve can be high if you are inexperienced with webserver management. A VPS, on the other hand, has many advantages over cooperative web hosting, including more hardware power and much greater control of your server’s functionality and setup.

· Extra Packages Linked to Web Design #5. Online Marketing

The customer has decided to invest in a website, and the most popular explanation is that they think it would help them create new market opportunities. Developing their web marketing strategy might be one of the extra packages linked to the design you provide. Setting up a mailing list, SEO, designing best practices for maintaining their social media profile, implementing an online advertisement campaign, and so on are all examples of things they should do.

Even if you aren’t a specialist in web marketing, you can still make a good living by subcontracting jobs to those who are. Many digital marketing companies (including mine) have a healthy collaboration program that helps you produce an industry-leading marketing tool without having to learn and implement the most up-to-date traffic-generating tactics.

Be diligent and do your homework while choosing an organization in which to form a long-term relationship. Your customer relies on your advice, and you don’t want to make a mistake and let them down.

· Bonus Services Linked to Web Design #6. Analytics Interpretation and Reporting

You’ve used web analytics code in the architecture, and the site’s use is being tracked. However, analyzing the analytics and, most significantly, understanding what they say requires a considerable amount of time from the customer. Seeing someone who knows the data produce reports, analyze them, and make recommendations for site changes based on the data may be helpful to your customers.

Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services

Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services

If you need web design services from a known expert, whether as a business or as part of an enterprise, there are a variety of other Inter-Linked services you might order from Sleek Web Designs.

It will boost the income we receive from the average customer by adding more resources, which means you can make more money from fewer customers. As one of our customers, we would also benefit from getting a single point of contact with a range of services rather than locating and employing multiple practitioners.

Of course, expanding the business and providing further facilities has its pitfalls. Since it’s generally smart to concentrate on a few items, we certainly won’t provide any additional service imaginably.

Even if web design is our primary concern, adding a couple of these additional resources to your project will help you increase profitability without spreading ourselves too thin.

Let’s take a look at some of the relevant programs we may be able to provide. Our knowledge and skills will play a part in the Inter-Linked programs we want to provide.

Inter-Linked Web Design Services

Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services
Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services


Any company requires a logo, and many of our web design clients would need the services of a logo designer. If we’re designing a new website for a startup, we’ll almost definitely need a logo. If we’re redesigning a website for a customer who already has a company, now could be a good time to suggest that they update their brand name with a new logo.

We may bundle the two services together or sell each service separately since logo design and web design go hand in hand.

Another reason we think of providing logo design as a service is because it can be very profitable, but for skilled persons.


Although logo design services are interlinked with graphic design, we could also design business cards, brochures and marketing materials, labels, and other products for our customers.

Clients who employ us to design a website can benefit from any of these extra resources, and we could also bundle them together in bundles that include a website, logo, brochures, and other products.

WP Plugins


The bulk of our web design clients will participate in some advertisements, and they do not have the capital to design such advertisements in-house. That may be internet banner ads, magazine advertisements, banners, or some other form of Inter-Linked commercial services.

Other Services Inter-Linked to Web Development

Other Inter-Linked Web Design and WordPress Development Services
Other Inter-Linked Web Design & WordPress Development Services


Clients who pay us to design a website are almost guaranteed to request Inter-Linked services in the future. Even if the website is designed with a content management system (such as WordPress) that allows the customer to incorporate and maintain content on their own, some maintenance may be expected at some point.

Minor style or interface updates, new parts of the website, or any information that the customer cannot manage on their own with a CMS are examples of this maintenance.

There are a few different ways we can provide continuing maintenance to our clients. We could bill clients with any value they need on an hourly basis or build a plan and charge a monthly retainer. For instance, the contract might include a monthly flat fee that entitles the customer to certain benefits, such as priority assistance and a certain number of service hours per month.

Offering repairs as part of a kit can be a smart move because it ensures a steady stream of profits, bringing predictability to an otherwise unreliable source of income.

Clients will benefit from maintenance contracts because they will know how much they can pay for ongoing costs relating to their website, and they will know that we will be here to help them anytime they need it.


Our web design clients would need hosting, which is among the Inter-Linked services we provide. Best of all, hosting generates recurring monthly income, which can arise if we attract more customers.

We don’t need to buy and maintain our servers to provide web hosting to our customers. We will conveniently obtain a reseller hosting account, which will allow us to provide hosting to our customers without handling the information ourselves.

Before we provide hosting to our customers, we think about how much time it would take to provide service. We examine the specifics of the reseller hosting packages we’re considering to see whether we’d be in charge of all customer support for our customers. We will want to move on and miss this service if it is not worth our time. Part of this can be determined by how much we can ask for the hosting facility.

Watch Video on YouTube


WordPress is such a commonly used content management system that it creates a significant number of new websites. WordPress powers 34% of the internet, according to figures, and that figure is growing.

WordPress is an excellent CMS for many small to medium-sized companies, and everybody appreciates how cost-effective it is. However, WordPress users are expected to run into certain problems that would necessitate some assistance. The disadvantage of a free CMS is that having assistance and care can be difficult. A free support platform is open, but finding answers to our questions there is hit or miss. Many customers choose to see someone else do the job for them rather than wasting hours scouring forums for answers.

Delivering Inter-Linked WordPress services may be similar to providing ongoing website maintenance, with the exception that we’re relying solely on WordPress (and so identifying ourselves as a WordPress expert). As we mentioned in the previous point, one could pay this WordPress service hourly or as part of a monthly service contract.

conversion rate optimization strategies

Conversion Rate Optimization – 10 Strategies for Your Business

Every entrepreneur strives to improve their website’s conversion rates.

To experience e-commerce growth, you have to generate new ideas and strategies to help boost elements that drive leads and conversions.

Achieving excellent conversion rate optimization results requires some effort and the right tools and strategies.

Conversions can occur in different areas of your site, including blog content, landing pages, homepage, pricing page, and more.

That’s why your website should be responsive enough to turn visitors into loyal, paying customers.

But before we delve deeper into CRO strategies, let’s understand their importance first.

Why CRO is Important

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) lets you get value from website visitors. It is the most cost-efficient way to improve user experience, grow customer retention, boost web traffic and increase business ROI.

Defining Conversion Rate Optimization

When you optimize your conversion rate, your revenue per visitor increases too. This means there will be more customers and more revenue for the company.

That said and done, let’s explore the various CRO strategies to use for your business.

CRO Strategies that Boost Business Growth

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
Conversion Rate Optimization

1.   Declutter Your Website

People will visit and stay longer on a website that is easy to navigate and clear without too much distraction.

When your site pulls visitors in many directions, they’ll get tired and leave.

To find distracting elements on your site, monitor user behavior. Know what they aren’t using or clicking on and remove it to make the page simpler and more navigable. This will improve conversion rates.

Make your landing page concise, with relevant information that your visitors need to know.

Improve these areas for best results;

  • Combine your visuals with context to show people what you are offering
  • Have videos, and social proof
  • Benefits and features
  • Headlines and subheadings
  • Reviews and testimonials

The idea here is to eliminate any distractions and allow visitors to focus on what you’re offering them.

2. Have a Strong CTA Copy

A strong CTA copy can make conversion rates go up. Avoid generic CTAs like “Start trial” or “Sign Up,” which may not appeal to your visitors.

Instead, use a CTA that starts with “Yes.” Something like this: “Yes, I want my discount.” Or “Yes, I want to join.” Such CTAs are psychologically appealing because they paint your offer positively.

This formula works way better than generic CTA copies. Experiment with different CTA buttons and copy and you’ll soon know the one that gets more clicks and use it. Use tools like heatmaps to understand why users don’t click your CTAs. This will help you work on improving your CTA copy.

3. Add Pop-Ups to Your Website

A study by Sumo revealed that the average conversion rate for pop-ups is 3.09%. And you can hit 10% if you do things the right way. With 10% of pop-ups, you have an average of 9.28% conversion rate.

Imagine how a single change can elevate your conversion rate. It is worth the effort and works on every website.

Add Pop-Ups to Your Website
Using Pop-Ups on Your Website

To get high conversion rates from pop-ups;

  • Set a cookie that allows a pop-up to appear once per user
  • Let the pop-up have a 30-second delay timer to keep them from being so annoying
  • Try a few offers like different products, PDFs, premium content, and other freebies until you find the winner you can feel immediately
  • Make the pop-up close easily

Doing this will minimize/eliminate complaints and boost your conversions. Your visitors will be happy, and you’ll reap all the benefits.

4. Include Live Chat on Your Site

Most people may want to purchase your services but remain on the fence.

This is because they are clouded with doubts or questions that prevent them from leaping.

Live chat box may be what they need to get their questions answered and their doubts cleared.

It’s easy to add live chat on your site and watch as your conversions rise.

5. Get Your Headlines A/B Tested

Your headline can either benefit or break your landing page. Using the wrong approach may cause your web visitors to avoid reading content to the end. They’ll click the back button and move away, never to come back.

Copyblogger’s study reveals that, on average, eight out of ten web users read a headline copy. But only two people out of the ten will keep reading to the end. The remaining eight will not go past the headline.

To prevent this, you need to A/B test your headlines. Experiment with different variables, including the tone, length, use of numbers, and statistics, to ensure you have excellent headlines that motivate the reader to keep reading the rest of the content and take appropriate action.

6. Minimize Bounce and Exit Rates

Another critical CRO strategy involves analyzing and understanding your site’s bounce and exit rates. A high bounce and exit rate index only means that your site is not as engaging as it should be.

When users lack engagement towards your products and website, your bounce and exit rates will be high. It’s probably because the site is challenging to use or navigate. A user survey will help you to understand the reason and implement a strategy to remedy it.

Or probably the device they’re using to navigate your site is the reason for high bounce and exit rates. Like what We are Social discovered, 46% of web users surf the internet on their mobile devices.

You can’t ignore your site’s mobile experience. This will highly impact your website and your whole business.

7. Use Explainer Videos to Generate Leads

Video content is an excellent engagement tool you can use on your website to keep visitors involved in your brand story. They help convey value proposition effectively and offer a robust way to narrate your brand story and build lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

With videos, you can spread your value proposition through each marketing funnel. Since you have only eight seconds to capture user attention, you have to make sure your hosting is fast.

Curate engaging content using videos to explain products and help people learn more about your brand. Let your videos capture their attention and push them towards purchasing your products.

8. Leverage Retargeting

Retargeting helps you win back prospects who’ve visited your site. Leverage this method to re-engage those who left your website. This strategy will track your web visitors and send them ads to re-engage them after leaving a different page.

Retargeting is effective when used on people who’ve visited high-converting pages. Since they didn’t purchase their first visit, you’ll send them appealing offers using interactive images and systematically crafted copies to persuade them to return. It will be easy to convert them after this.

9. Optimize Your Site’s Conversion Funnel

A website conversion funnel has four parts, including awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion.

These portions help you decide on four things, namely:

  • How to nurture prospect’s interest through engagement
  • How to develop brand awareness
  • Steps to take to compel visitors to consider your offerings
  • What you can do to convert them into loyal customers

For a conversion funnel to work, you should identify what is working and conduct an analysis. Then run tests on every phase of the funnel.

The test results will indicate the techniques working for you and those that don’t work to your interest. From here, you can tweak your working tactics to improve conversions and make those that don’t work start converting.

10. Use Lead Capture Forms

A lead capture form can highly influence your conversion rate. The tool can help you determine a lead from a non-lead.

Use Lead Capture Forms to win More Leads Online
Lead Capture Forms

There are several lead capture tools to help you streamline your process. From creating converting landing pages to including customer names and logos and FAQs, you can use tools like Leadformly, Single Grain, and Unbounce to accomplish your goals. More tools include Wordstream, Zendesk, and Square.

Leadformly lets you create landing pages for campaigns. Single Grain will have you include the names and logos of your valued clients in the lead capture form. This will increase your brand’s credibility.

Unbounce guides you to create and present frequently asked questions (FAQs) alongside your lead form to eliminate doubts concerning products or services. The questions will answer trivial concerns from customers who still harbor doubts about products or your brand.

To Sum Up

Your e-commerce will only grow if it has conversion rate optimization. Make CRO a priority as it helps to improve every aspect of your product, sales, and marketing. With each improvement in your CRO, there’s a potential for tremendous growth. So make the most out of these strategies and remember, consistency is key.

7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website Copy

Updating your web copy is one of the most straightforward tasks ever, especially if your website gets decent traffic and leads. How often you update your web copy depends primarily on your business, internet marketing plan, and more factors.

7 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Website Copy

If the business was built when the company began, product lines have been changed, or services have been refined. One should reflect such changes online.

Immediate updating of the website should be part of the changes that affect the customers. Ensure that you regularly check your web copy to see if the necessary information in your business is correct. Ensure that you review your products and service the web copies every month to reflect the changes accurately and promoted. The eCommerce business may need daily or weekly updates.

If your competitors are outshining your content

Examine your website copy and compare it to the copy of your top competitors. Check if it presents the consumer’s pain points more convincingly. Check if it is more empathetic to your customer needs and preference. Does it have a defined personality? Check if it makes their brand look more credible and trustworthy, if it is better than yours, and check if their service offerings go into great detail than yours.

The website copy is among the most significant aspects of your website. Its main objective is to emphasize the issues, present a solution, and showcase why you are the best provider to that solution.

 If your competitor’s website copy is doing a better job than yours, there are probably leaps and bounds ahead of you.

If your website copy suffers from prolonged load times

Nobody in this fast-paced world will want to spend precious time waiting for a slow website to load when they click over or press the back button in seconds. A one-second delay in page response can result in an even 7% decrease in conversations.

10 Tips for Decreasing Web Page Load Times
Prolonged Load Times

The slow page speed does not only affect the users’ experience, but it can also impact your search engine ranking. The websites’ performance impacts the search engine rankings developed under proprietary and undisclosed algorithms, incorporating significant factors including user experience, page speed, responsiveness, and many more website performance. Therefore, the slower the website copy loads, the less likely your potential consumers will locate it.

If the original website copy was initially written on a razor-thin budget

For startup businesses working on small budgets, website copy is usually among the sourced components for the bottom dollar. An explicit and exception word-rich content doesn’t come cheaply; you need to pay more.

In reality, exceptional well-paid copywriters and brand strategists tend to spend more time coming up with various text variations, revising the content severally, and facing many rejections along the way.

Keep in mind that your website is the digital nucleus of your organization. Therefore, if you get a substantial budget than you initially had the first time, investing in a professional, stunning copy is something that will certainly pay you a lot.

Your web pages have a low  rank in search results

Potential consumers rarely shift to the second page of their search results or choose a site from the bottom half of the first page. But many people may wonder how they can ensure that the website ranks on the first page of the search results. A well-designed website with quality copy will help you claim some real estate in the top search engine rankings.

Besides, the easier your website appears on the top of the search engine, the higher the number of people that will see your website; hence your traffic, sales, and leads will go up. To ensure that your site is for top-searches and branded keyword queries, it is essential to get a professional digital marketing agency with robust experience in both search engine optimization and web design for assistance.

The content is not updated

Keeping your web copy up to date is a significant way to enhance the trust between you as the website owner and your potential customers, as they can rely on you for useful information. If your web copy is full of old dates of the events, old blogs discussing irrelevant topics, you desperately need to update it.

The visitors to your website will wonder if there is still business instead of looking to you as the authority. Updating your website copy with relevant and fresh content will result in traffic and keep more new and satisfied visitors coming for more.

If your potential consumers are facing challenges to finding what they are looking for

Speed and efficiency are significant factors that define the website copy. Visitors will want to get what they are looking for quickly and with minimal simple steps. If the consumers don’t find what they are looking for quickly or the process involves complex steps, they are likely to get bored and move on to your competitors.

The consumers should get what they are looking for with just a few clicks, then purchase and inquire about anything they require without outside assistance. If your site has higher traffic, but its conversations are low and decreasing over time, hiring a web design agency to update your website is the right time.

If the customer pain points have changed

When writing your web copy, selling the solutions is not a primary goal. Instead, you will need to sell your understanding of the issues. The better you are when demonstrating empathy with the customer’s pain points, the easier it will be to sell the solution.

When using a website copy to present your pain points, the secret lies in the details. Let’s assume you have some IT clients that provide cybersecurity services. Having your website copy that says, “cybersecurity is hard” will do nothing to emphasize the customers’ issues.

To correctly address the relevant pain points, you should get down and dirty to understand what’s going on in the current trends.

Depending on the industry you are currently specializing in, the finer the details that your clients face will evolve; and your website copy needs to reflect on them.

Having a custom website design and upgrade can do a lot for your business and other digital marketing strategies. Numerous digital marketing initiatives will fail or be ineffective if you don’t have a robust online presence with your website.

Your website copy contains all of the sensitive information about your organization, including the products and services you offer, information about who you are, your blog, contact information, and much more. Make your brand look greater and stand out from the competition with a stunning website design!

11 Common SEO Mistakes (That Even Gurus Make Every Day)

Google is the leading source of referral traffic. Website SEO (search engine optimization) guarantees increased visibility and top rankings on SERPs (Search engine results page).

11 Common SEO Mistakes (That Even Gurus Make Every Day)
Common SEO Mistakes (Guide)

SEO involves off-page optimizations, meta tags, and keywords, amongst other tips and tricks. It is possible to forget one or two things in the complex field of SEO.

However, take it easy if you forget because even experts make small SEO mistakes that damage their SEO efforts. Unfortunately, the metrics are unforgiving to both gurus and newbies: numbers do not lie.

Common SEO Mistakes

Here are some mistakes that seem negligible but have immense consequences on your SEO campaigns. The good thing is that even the experts miss them occasionally.

The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid - SWD Blog
The Common SEO Mistakes

1. Ancient SEO Techniques

The internet and how we complete tasks online keep changing. Some years ago, keyword stuffing was allowed, but today, PBNs and keyword stuffing lead to severe Google penalties.

Google algorithms occasionally change, so, to rank better, embrace modern SEO techniques. Today, Google considers the keywords that you have mentioned or not mentioned when ranking sites.

Choose your keywords well and use them naturally in your content.

2. Ignoring Google Analytics/ Google Console

Google console and analytics are different tools.

Why Google Search Console & Google Analytics Data Never Matches
common SEO mistakes – Ignoring Google Analytics/ Google Console

Google Analytics provides information that helps you to know how well your site is doing. Information on the number of visitors, bounce back rate, traffic, etc. enables you to understand your site.

Google console highlights areas you need to improve on your site.

Although the two tools are free, some marketers ignore them. The free Google tools provide comprehensive information, but you need to invest time in them to understand the data.

Google console and analytics are the best SEO tools because they are products from the largest search engine (Google).

Link your website to Google Console and Analytics for comprehensive reports on your site’s performance and how to improve it.

3. Zero Internal Links

Google considers both External and internal links when ranking sites.

Quality external links show that the information on your site is reliable, and it helps in SERPs.

As for internal links, they interlink content on your site. Internal links make it possible for Google to crawl your site. It also helps to direct traffic to other areas of your site. Internal links also help to highlight essential pages on your site and topic clusters.

If you do not have internal links, you miss a chance to link various content on your site.

4. Mobile Unresponsive Site

At least 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile responsive, Google considers it unfriendly and ranks the site poorly.

If your site is unresponsive, you miss out on 50% of the traffic to your site. Create a responsive site then test it to see how the content displays on a mobile gadget.

5. No follow Command when Launching a Site

No follow commands inhibit Google from indexing and ranking your site or selected page(s). It is a simple warning for Google to keep off the page or site.

Errors to Avoid

Are you wondering how it happens? Well, you can put a noindex meta tag on your website’s header code during the development stage of the site. Also, the noindex meta tag is helpful if you want increased control over the site or page for whichever reason.

The tag should be removed before launching a site so that Google can rank your pages/site in search results.

6. Maintaining Old Content

Changes in Google algorithms or specific industries render some content outdated. If new statistics or technology comes up, any old content becomes obsolete.

Revisit your content to ensure the data and information is up to date; otherwise, your Google rankings will drop.

7. Focusing on the Wrong Keyword

Your target audience makes a keyword right or wrong.

The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid
Common SEO Mistakes – Focusing on the Wrong Keyword

Let us say you are a healthcare tech writer: your website content could focus on helping tech companies succeed or on how customers (hospitals and patients) benefit from the technology. The keywords for each category are different.

If you fail to realize the difference, you will concentrate on the wrong keyword, thus losing valuable traffic and customers.

8. No Videos

Content is king, but the video is the future of SERPs.

Videos are engaging, and they rank faster than text content. Google is now showing podcasts and videos in search results.

Videos and podcasts are less competitive than text content, so use them if you want to rank better.

9. The Heading Mistakes

Headings help you to break your content into topics. Breaking the content into targeted topics increases your chances of appearing in more searches.

Besides, some searchers skim through content before deciding whether it is valuable to them or not. If the visitors find your content helpful, you will have a lower bounce back rate; thus, rank better.

Write down your main points and break down your content based on the topics.

10. Forgetting that SEO is More Significant than Traffic

SEO focuses on drawing traffic to your site, but that is not the endpoint. In the end, you want the traffic to help you complete a marketing goal. It is better to have little traffic with a high conversation rate than massive traffic with zero conversion rate.

Do not forget to measure and monitor other objectives only because of your traffic increases.

11. Getting Comfortable with SEO Ranking

It takes time, patience, consistency, dedication, and expertise to rank well in search results. When you rank high, you might feel the need to reward yourself by taking a short break for your SEO efforts. However, this is a mistake.

SEO rankings are not permanent: they keep changing depending on the relevance of your site. Remember, as you ‘rest’, other marketers are still working and might outrank you soon. So, you cannot afford an ‘SEO break’ even though you rank first place for several keywords.

Getting Comfortable with SEO Ranking


A successful SEO strategy involves many aspects. Some features work well before launching your website, while others require continuous monitoring and updating. Although the above mistakes seem unforgettable, maintaining a viable SEO plan can be overwhelming.

Best WordPress Plugins to Level up your SEO Game in 2021

 51% of website traffic comes from search engines. If you are a website owner, you need to optimize your site with the best WordPress plugins for SEO. Although the plugins do not guarantee first-page ranking, they help improve your chances of ranking high on search engines.

Best WordPress Plugins to Level Up Your SEO Game (2020)
Best WordPress Plugins to Level up your SEO Game (2020)

WordPress is SEO friendly and has several plugins that can help improve the SEO of your blog. However, most of the plugins perform the same work. You, therefore, do not need to install more than one plugin for the same function.

To help you select the best plugins, you need to understand the unique selling point of each plugin that you need. Here is a compilation of the best WordPress plugins for SEO in 2020.

1.      SEMRush

Semrush - Online Visibility Management Platform | SWD
Semrush – Online Visibility Management Platform | SWD

SEMRush has features that guide you to write optimized content and to beat your competitors. First, the tool helps you identify search terms and keywords that can help you rank high in search results.

Secondly, SEMRush has a competitive research feature for ‘spying’ on your competitor. The tool helps you understand what your competitors are doing (keywords they are ranking for) and reveals any marketing gaps in keywords that can help you beat them. Lastly, SEMRush works well with WordPress.

2.      Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner

The Google keyword planner is a free tool aimed at helping advertisers. The tool generates information that helps advertisers reap the most out of their ads on Google.

Google gives you access to keywords, search volume, search difficulty, and several results when you use the tool. The tool gives insight into the trend of the keywords over a period. The feature on trends can help you write relevant content (Google’s requirement for a site to rank high).

3.      Google Console

How to Verify Your Website on Google » Google Console
How to Verify Your Website on Google » Google Console

Google console is a free SEO tool provided by Google to all website owners. It allows website owners to monitor how their site is performing on Google search. The tool provides essential information to help you optimize your site for a higher ranking. Information provided by google console includes technical status updates, search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, and educational resources.

You can integrate google console with MonsterIsights or Yoast SEO.

The SEO tools alert you if there are any optimization errors on your site, like crawl errors.

4.      Yoast SEO

Watch Full Guide on YouTube

The plugin has more than 2,000 reviews and a rating of 4 out of 5. Are you wondering why the plugin is so popular? Here are some of its top features:

  • Yoast SEO tool checks all the requirements of a well optimized site. It checks the length of your content, confirms that all images have an alt tag similar to the keyword, and ensures that you have a meta description.
  • The tool displays a green signal for the requirements that you have met. However, if you need to work on something, Yoast SEO displays an orange signal.
  • Yoast SEO helps to add social media images and open graph metadata to your articles.
  • The SEO tool generate xml maps which makes it easy for Google to crawl your site.
  • If you need to import SEO data from another plugin, Yoast SEO makes the process simple.

5.      All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO pack has a feature manager that allows beginners and web admins to use the tool.

You do not need any experience in SEO to use the tool. Users only need to know how to read and follow instructions on the fields to input the data.

The tool’s default settings provide the best SEO experience, but you can alter them to suit your needs. As you gain more experience in SEO, you can use the advanced features of the ALL in one SEO Pack. 

The SEO tool helps to improve your website by allowing you to add meta tags and SEO titles with ease. The pack offers google analytics, image sitemaps, open graph meta tags, and XML Sitemap support. In addition, it helps to avoid duplicate content on your site.

6.      Ahrefs

Ahrefs - SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

Ahrefs is a valuable marketing tool that helps in monitoring competitors, checking backlinks, and conducting keyword research. Other additional features include finding guest posting opportunities, identifying unlinked mentions, and monitoring technical SEO issues.

For the best experience while using Ahref’s, understand the tool then use it daily. People who use the tool daily discover new features the more they use it. Checking the tool regularly guarantees timely reports, which, when worked on, guarantees more traffic to your site. Ahrefs offers a variety of possibilities for positive marketing outcomes.

Ahrefs has an ‘alert’ feature which, as the name suggests, sends an important notification, if requested, via email. Common notifications include alerts on backlinks, mentions, pages linking to competitors, and the performance of your keywords on your site.

By using the various features of the SEO tool, you can improve your current content by optimizing it. Ahrefs can also help you identify website content that needs updating. The tool reveals broken links, thus highlighting link-building opportunities.

7.      Broken link checker

Broken link checker
Broken link checker

If you have been running a blog for some time, you know some tasks can seem uphill. Links within your site play a role in your site’s SEO. If there are broken links, it influences user experience. To avoid a bad user experience, check your site for broken links (outbound and inbound links).

Broken Link Analyser reveals links that are directed to dead pages. If there are dead links from other sites, remove or redirect or reinstating the dead pages. Examine your site for links directed to harmful sites that could damage your SEO.

Just like with the keywords, you can ‘spy’ on your competitor’s links. If people are linking to your competitor’s dead page, redirect the links to your site by creating pages that are similar to your competitor’s.

The broken link checker is a free tool. Unfortunately, it is a resource-intensive tool, and it can slow down your site.

8.      All in one Schema Rich Snippets

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets – WordPress plugin |
All in one Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippet support nine Schema content types. They include people, products, software applications, services, reviews, recipes, events, and videos.

If you need to change the snippets’ looks, strings, or feel, you can do it from the customization box. You can add prices below products, video/image next to descriptions, and star ratings under a review.

The Pro version provides advanced settings and automates the configuration of page markup. If you have several web pages, the automation makes it easy to optimize all your pages.

9.      SEOPress

SEOPress, on-site SEO – WordPress plugin |

SEO plugins help website owners set up a site that is ready for social networks and search engines. Unlike other WordPress plugins for SEO, SEOPress is lightweight and does not slow down a site. The premium version is pocket-friendly and allows you to use it on several websites.

The SEO tools appeal to expert and beginner web owners. It is easy to set up and has a range of features. Some features include Dublin core, structured data types, meta title, HTML Sitemaps, open graph support, Google News setup, google analytics integration, good for Woo-commerce, custom tracking, and advanced SEO options. Although the tool has similar features as Yoast SEO, its premium version is cheaper than Yoast SEO.

10. RankMath

RankMath is a competitive SEO tool that helps optimize your content for easy ranking on social media and search results. The plugin is good for gurus as well as beginners.

Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2021

The installation process is easy as it is a step-by-step wizard. For the best performance, the tool establishes the settings for your site. It also sets up webmaster profiles, SEO settings, and your social profiles.

To help you improve your site’s SEO settings, the tool gives you a preview of how the post looks on social media and SERPs. You can also add short descriptions, Open Graph metadata, and meta titles to your posts when using the tool.  It also displays Google console information such as keywords you are ranking for, indexing issues, and your sitemap status on your dashboard.

RankMath gives tooltips for all its features so that you can maximize them. The tool allows you to import data from other SEO plugins when setting up.

Other Productive Tools

Keyword Tool (FREE) ᐈ#1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative


The tool saves marketers time spent looking for keywords on Google’s autocomplete section. To use the tool, you enter a keyword then it generates over 500 autocomplete keyword suggestions. The suggestions come from search engines’ autosuggest feature.

The keywords suggestions are from Google, Bing, YouTube, e-Bay, Amazon, etc. Find the keywords by selecting ‘Questions,’ ‘negative keywords,’ ‘Related keywords,’ or filter by country, location, or language. The keyword tool gives additional information like the keyword search volume per day or month. tool is good for competitor research. Want to know which keywords your competitors use or how many times they use the keyword on a page? Well, input your competitor’s URL, then search.

12. WP Rocket

The load time of a website affects SEO. The best way to speed up your site is to enable caching. WP Rocket is a caching plugin that guarantees to boost the performance and speed of your site. Websites with fast load time enjoy increased conversion and improved search engine optimization. Fast load speed reduces your website’s bounce-back rate.

The setup is easy and fast, even for people without knowledge of programming. WP Rocket has an option where mobile website visitors can click on for the mobile responsive website.   

13. SEOquake

SEOquake is a non-invasive SEO tool with a ton of helpful data. If you subscribe, you find the tool on the top left-hand side of a web page. If you want to see the details provided, you expand the addon. The tool breaks down data such as backlinks, Alexa rank, density, page health, last updated, and site infrastructure in one place.

The SEO tool is an addon for Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Web, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. SEOquake has a domain comparison which is good for checking how and what your competitors are doing.

However, it is not easy to read the information provided by the tool because of its drop design. The data provided by the tool can be confusing to beginners, and there are no explanations about what the parameters mean.

14. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Extension WordPress |  Français
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Google analysis the time people spend on your site as an indicator of relevance. A lower bounce rate means website visitors find valuable content on your site, so they stick around longer. The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin displays content (posts and pages) related to what the online visitor is engaging with currently. The visitors end up spending more time on your site. A lower bounce-back rate improves your SEO ranking on Google.

15. Monster insights

Marketing is an art and a science. This means you need data to make the right decision and knowledge on how to use the data. When you have the right data, it helps you make decisions that improve your website’s SEO.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights has over 11millon downloads. The plugin displays your analytics in a simplified way within your WordPress dashboard. The report is inclusive and breaks down important metrics such as demographics, link tracking, and interest.  

It is easy to install the WordPress plugin on your site. The tool shows data in an easy-to-understand way and as detailed as you would want the data to be. The insights allow you to see the content doing well on the site, popular products, and where visitors are dropping off.  

16. WP Touch Mobile plugin

WP Touch Mobile plugin

In the first quarter of 2020, browsing on mobile platforms contributed to more than 50% of website traffic. Today, website owners do not choose to create a mobile responsive website if they want to enjoy traffic from mobile platforms. Online visitors are not patient, so they quickly move on to the next site if your site loads slowly.

The WPtouch Mobile Plugin can help you increase the speed of your site. It is easy to install and use. You do not have to change any codes for the plugin to work. After installation, you use the administration panel to customize your site for mobile view. WPtouch adds an elegant and beautiful mobile theme for you automatically. 

Plugins categorized as alt | SWD
SEO Optimized Images

17. SEO Optimized Images

To improve SEO ranking, you need to look at all aspects of your site and the content. Did you know you can use Google Image Search to improve your SERP?

Plugins such as the SEO Optimized Images guide you through adding SEO-friendly titles, and alt attributes to your images. The plugin helps you to save time and guarantees the right choice of attributes.

Final remarks

Every website owner wants their site to rank high. SEO plugin tools make the site faster, display necessary data for higher ranking, alert you on SEO errors, and highlights SEO-related issues. The plugins are your eyes on the internet, and they provide timely, concise, and actionable information which can help improve your SEO. It is normal to start with a few WordPress plugins for SEO then keep using more as you advance. Whichever plugin you select, make sure you maximize its benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of SEO Services to Small Businesses in New York

Top 10 Benefits of SEO Services to Small Businesses in New York

Search engine optimization is an essential strategy every business needs to build a strong web presence. Through SEO services New York, your small business will get qualified leads that will see your potential customers become loyal and your brand gets recognized by many.

Running a small business requires that you place your best foot forward, so your site appears among the first on search engine results pages (SERPS), earns more revenue, and bypasses the competition. SEO can help to achieve this and more. Here are SEO benefits you can reap as a small business in New York.

1. SEO Services Give You an Edge Over Your Toughest Competitors

With the ever-evolving, competitive digital space, you should know that your competitors are investing in SEO services in New York and various other digital marketing techniques. Today, 80% of people rely on the internet when researching products to buy or any information relevant to their needs. If you are still behind on SEO, your search engine rankings, sales, and overall market share will lag.

5 ways to beat your competitors at SEO with content writing - Credible  Content Blog
SEO Services Give You an Edge Over Your Toughest Competitors

SEO can help you rise through the rankings and take your competitors’ spot, including potential leads and sales. Investing in SEO services NYC is the best way to compete against your rivals. Along with it, develop a smart strategy that will help you outrank even the toughest competitor.

Time-Based Competition | Convergence Consulting
Benefits of SEO

2. Enhances Brand Awareness

SEO promotes your brand among high-value shoppers. When people go through the buying funnel, they conduct many searches, and if your brand appears most in their search results, its awareness increases. This also builds consumer trust in your brand.

With excellent SEO and content marketing strategy, you’ll be able to demonstrate to people that you’re a valuable resource for useful information in addition to being a service or product provider. In turn, your value to your audiences will increase.

Investing in strategies like video marketing can heighten your brand awareness efforts. Videos are known to increase your brand association by 140%, especially if they’re optimized for search. That’s where SEO comes in.

3. Drives More Targeted, High-Quality Traffic to your Site

If done right, SEO can attract high-quality traffic to your site right from the discovery phase. It helps you target people with the right search intent – people looking for products or services you offer and those highly likely to convert.

According to the Bright Edge study, more than 40% of revenue generated is from organic search traffic. This goes to indicate that SEO is an effective strategy that considers user intent.

4. Improves Your ROI

A competitive SEO strategy can earn you a high return on investment. Search engines offer a close rate of about 15% for all new leads, meaning that you can increase your conversion rates by 13%.  A study from the Forrester Group found that businesses that invest in optimized user experience (through SEO) can increase their revenue by 400%. The additional revenue will come if your website is featured on the top page of search engine results.

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5. It Lowers Your Advertising Costs

With NYC SEO, you can be sure that it will reduce your marketing and advertising expenses. A well-planned SEO strategy ensures your business ranks top for high-value keywords on the search results. This way, your business will spend a lot less on advertising and use the extra funds to expand its content marketing strategy. Compared to traditional marketing, SEO is more cost-effective and result-oriented. Even 70% of marketers agree that SEO brings in more results (in sales, traffic, and leads) without putting a lot of money behind it.

6. SEO Services Target All Stages of Your Sales Funnel

With content marketing depending on SEO, you are sure to connect with buyers in each stage of your marketing funnel. You can target potential buyers who’ll eventually convert through different content types, including blog posts, infographics, videos, and images. SEO-optimized content marketing attracts more consumers, earning 54% more leads as compared to traditional marketing. Consumers even prefer brands that offer original content.

7. Gives You Long-term, Constant Results

Immediately you start ranking up on search engines. Your site will stay on the first pages for a reasonable length of time. Just make sure you keep it first-page by optimizing it with SEO. Your goal should be to remain in its high-ranking position in SERP for long as it raises your brand’s awareness, credibility, and conversion rates.

8. Helps You Enhance Your Web Presence

With a user-friendly website, your visitors will find it easy to navigate and find what they need. You can use SEO to provide relevant, mobile-ready content enhanced with infographics, charts, images, and video. Your visitors will be happy, engaged, and encouraged to come more often since they now recognize your brand as a valuable resource. In turn, you get more leads and conversions. The search engines will also be attracted to your site, enabling you to build your authority and gain more visibility.

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9. Enhances Your Credibility

SEO can boost your credibility among consumers when search engines trust your website. People stay on the top page of search results because they trust search engines to display only the best sites. Search engines use both on-page and off-page signals such as high quality, relevant content, web-loading speed, and how your webpage provides solutions to users’ queries. Optimizing your Google My Business listing also helps your business build credibility and drive sales by featuring your details and reviews from users. About 88% of online consumers confirm that reviews impact their purchasing decisions, which with SEO services in New York, you can enhance your business’s reviews.

10. Boosts Your Local Marketing Efforts

Local search has increased in popularity owing to the growth of smartphone usage for internet search. Investing in local SEO exposes your business to shoppers ready to buy, as 72% of consumers who conduct local searches will visit your store to purchase your products. You also get to build your popularity in your local area and gain your market share, giving yourself a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What are the benefits of SEO services?

SEO offers enormous benefits to small businesses, including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • High close rates
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Building brand credibility
  • Boosting local marketing efforts
  • Establishing brand awareness
  • Increasing web traffic
  • Enhancing brand awareness
  • Providing long term results
  • Improving ROI

2.      Do SEO SERVICES work for small business?

SEO works for small businesses. As long as they do it the right way, which includes providing useful content, optimizing their websites, and more, small businesses can compete and even bypass their rivals.

3.      How can SEO grow your SEO?

SEO can grow your SEO by helping you build brand awareness that increases your website’s traffic and sales.

4.      Is SEO Important in 2020?

Optimizing for SEO is more important in 2020 than ever since it’s a potent digital marketing strategy that ensures long-term results for your business. SEO makes up the highest share of website traffic, and for as long as organic search continues to increase, SEO will still be in high demand.

5.      Can I do my own SEO?

You can do your SEO with a lot of research and practice. First, you have to understand the SEO fundamentals, then learn to do it for your business.